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Are you looking for a Cover/Graphic Artist?
Michelle Cline

Michelle Cline is a mother of three amazing children and wife to one amazing husband. She is a stay at home mom who has chosen graphic design and book cover design not only because she loves the creativity involved, but because she gets to do those important jobs as well. She loves the balance of graphic design, soccer practices, gymnastics, church and school activities, and wouldn't change any of them for the world. In her free time she is an avid reader and loves being outdoors where one can enjoy God's amazing creation in the beautiful Northwest.

Michelle's rates are very reasonable:
$75.00 USD plus stock for print/e-book front cover at 300 DPI (dots per inch)
$125.00 USD plus stock for full print cover, including front, back and spine

All covers are custom made and include up to 3 revisions after the initial design has been decided.

Her turnaround time is usually less than a week.

For more information, send her an e-mail at:

Michelle's website and samples of her work can be found at

Ginny Glass

Ginny Glass is an experienced graphic artist and multi-published author who has worked with both private and corporate clients on projects ranging from author branding and advertisements to single and series book designs. She believes that effective design can make or break a book, especially in the world of digital publishing, and strives to provide every project with the impact that it needs to give your book an edge.

Her design work has appeared widely online as well as in print media and magazines, including BUST magazine, Romantic Times magazine and Romance Writer's Report. When she is not busy designing, Ginny writes romance for Harlequin's digital-first imprint, Carina Press.

Ginny's rates are very reasonable:
$75.00 USD for print/e-book front cover at 300 DPI (dots per inch)
$100.00 USD for full print cover, including front, back and spine

Her turnaround time is usually less than a week.

For more information, send her an e-mail at:

Ginny's portfolio can be found at

Jason Levi

Currently residing in California, Jason M. Levi was a commercial photographer with his own studio in Europe, and counted amongst his clients FIAT, MARTINI & ROSSI, GRISINI, MORTIZ BEER, and others. Later, he expanded into creative artistic surrealistic photography and had his work exhibited in galleries in Barcelona, Rome, Florence and at the Toledo Museum of Art in Toledo, Ohio.

Jason has always aspired to approach photography from Ansel Adamsí point of view: ďA good photographer is one who can take a common object and rendered it uncommon.Ē

Another aspect of his work was portrait photography. He was one of the earliest photographers in Europe to use the Rembrandt lighting in his portraits so that the photographs appeared as oil paintings. This was highly successful and he was the portrait photographer for the Spanish Royals, The Duke and Duchess of Cadiz, and their family in Madrid.

In addition to currently dedicating himself to Conceptual Photography, he also offers cover design services for books and CDs.

Jason Levi's rates are very reasonable:
$75.00 USD for print/e-book front cover only at 300 DPI (dots per inch)
(Discounts offered to CCB Publishing authors)

His turnaround time is usually less than a week.

You may view Jason Levi's work at:

For more information, send him an e-mail at:

Would you like to have your work translated into Spanish?

Amazingly enough, today in the United States over 45 million people speak Spanish either as their first or second language. Additionally, there are millions more people in other countries around the world (Spain, Mexico, etc.) who also speak and read Spanish as their first language.

Are you looking to tap into this ever growing market to expand your potential book sales?
Kate Mendoza

Katherine (Kate) Mendoza is a qualified professional translator. She has a bachelorís degree in International Studies with a minor in Spanish, and a masterís degree in Curriculum and Instruction. She worked for six years as a teacher in both public and private schools. Currently, she works at home on translation and part time as a registered interpreter for the Association of Courts in Mississippi.

Kate has a young son, and she and her husband have been married 3 years. They live in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

She is now able to offer her services to individual authors for a reasonable rate. If interested in having your book translated professionally, please contact her directly at

Book Promotion & Marketing Tips

1. Write a one page promo sheet for your book that you can send out to local bookstores and newspapers. It should include a picture of the book, your picture, a summary of the book, bio information about you, and information on how to purchase the book. CCB Publishing provides all its authors with a Media Kit which can be used as is or you can use it as a template to design one for your own purposes

2. Look up local bookstores in your area using a phone book or Google. Larger chain stores such as Barnes & Noble, Borders, or Books-A-Million as well as other smaller local bookstores are often interested in local authors. The larger bookstore chains will almost always require that books be made available from your publisher as Fully Returnable (CCB Publishing can make its authorsí books available to its distribution partners as ďfully returnableĒ for an annual fee of only $100.00 USD.) Talk to the manager of the store and ask if you can do a book signing. You may be required to provide copies of your own book on consignment.

3. Contact the local newspapers and magazines in your area, specifically the neighborhood papers. They are more willing to do a story about local authors and new book releases than the larger papers. Some local papers donít have enough staff to do a story, so devise a press release yourself before calling them and offer to send it to them if they will print it. Make sure to have a clear picture of the book available to send with the release or story. Graduates of colleges or universities can approach their Alumni Association. These associations usually publish magazines or newsletters on a quarterly basis and are often eager to feature former graduates who have had success in getting their work published.

4. Donate a copy of your book to your local library and ask if they can promote you in their monthly newsletter or on their web site. Use this promotion to arrange for a reading and/or book signing. Arrange to donate a portion of all book sales to the library. Local newspapers will almost always promote events such as these.

5. Order inexpensive promotion materials from including postcards that you can send out to people you know with the picture of the book on the cover. Having business cards made up from the same source to hand out when meeting people is another good networking tool.

6. Get a web site where you can promote your book. You can get an expensive web site plus free (or inexpensive) hosting from companies such as,,, etc. if you buy a domain name from them. When registering your domain name, make sure it is something recognizable and not too complicated. For instance, you can use the title of your book like or you can use your name such as You want people to remember the name. Having a web site is also helpful for the next tip.

7. If you have written a self-help or non-fiction book, Google AdWords are very effective for advertising inexpensively. People looking for information on a topic will go to Google, type a word such as ďautismĒ or ďreal estateĒ and find your ad.

8. You must learn to be your own best publicist. Pass out business cards with your book to everyone you meet. Send out announcements to everyone on your email list.

9. Use social networking tools such as,,, etc. to stay in touch with all your contacts on a regular basis and keep them informed of book signing events, etc. You can also start a blog and make journal entries about your newest work and progress you are making in your latest project. People are always fascinated in the creative process. Take them along on your journey.

10. For works of fiction and non-fiction alike, considering joining Yahoo groups or other similar gatherings of likeminded individuals. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of these groups that have tens of thousands of members all around the world. Join a group, participate in the conversation, get permission from the moderator to discuss your book, or maybe even consider starting your own group.

11. Issue press releases to reach and inform the media about your book. Sites such as,, etc. can assist in reaching the media. Two FREE services that will help you contact the media are and Register with Help A Reporter as a Source to let journalists know that you can provide information for their stories. Looking for talk radio stations that may be interested in your book? With Radio-Locator you can easily locate stations in your city, state, and even across the United States and Canada. Also consider exploring blog talk radio. Look at all the talk shows and write to hosts doing shows about authors or your subject matter. A lot of shows are looking for guests on specific topics, especially non-fiction.

12. If you have a non-fiction topic, consider a radio show on blog talk radio. This is a computer based show that you can do from home. You can get free time to do it or you can buy prime time spots for $40.00 a month and broadcast yourself about your book. You can ask people you know to be guests on your show. The radio show can be accessed from anyoneís computer anywhere in the world 24/7. They can even listen to your archived broadcasts if they canít listen live. Also, you can use the link for the radio show to promote your book when you are sending out emails for promotion.

Bonnie Kaye of the Books of Excellence Radio Show can interview you on her show from the comfort of your own home. An author can appear with the Books of Excellence Internet Radio Show for a fee of $30.00 USD for a one-hour interview. Contact Bonnie Kaye, Director of the Books of Excellence Co-op (, at for more information.

13. Be realistic about spending money for marketing. Realize how much money you are going to make on each book and then weigh that against your marketing budget. Donít trust clever promotion companies that promise to send your book information to major shows for a hefty price. This is a scam, and there are loads of scammers out there. Always check out the company and what success they have had with books. A good guideline is looking at the Amazon ratings of a book. Unless the rating is in the top 200 consistently, then you donít need this kind of marketing because itís a scam. Ask for at least three (3) references from satisfied authors. Then follow-up and contact the references to find out if the promotion company did what they promised and how many books were sold as a result. Did the author recoup their money and make a profit?

14. Always keep your eyes open for venues where you can sell your books. It may be local flea markets, church fairs, community center events, etc. Many authors sell their books at places such as these by setting up a table with copies of their books and offering to personally autograph them.

15. Ask friends and family to write positive and interesting reviews for your book on the and Barnes & Noble web sites. When people view your book online and see good reviews, it will encourage them to buy the book.

16. Using a web cam or similar device, consider creating a video that will help bring your book to life. Short, clever and interesting videos uploaded to sites such as can be accessed by people all around the world and watched by millions. When contacting the media, you can also provide a link to your video so they may evaluate you as a potential guest on their show or source for a story.

If you have tips or suggestions of your own that have worked for you and may be helpful to others, please send them to us by e-mail to so we can share them with everyone.

For those individuals who may require assistance in navigating through some of the above suggestions, please contact Bonnie Kaye at Bonnie will assist authors for a modest fee.

Are you looking for a web site designer?

Are you an author with a story to share?
Have you worked hard to publish your book?
Let a web site give you the ability to advertise all over the world!

With over 70 million Americans and many millions more worldwide accessing the internet daily, having a web site is the most cost effective way to advertise. All you need is a domain name and Lynnette Shelley's Redeye Design to get on your way.

Contact Lynnette today & boost your book sales!

Are you looking for a book publicist?

If you are searching for a company that can provide publicity for your book then Three Girls Media & Marketing, Inc. may be able to help.

Three Girls Media & Marketing, Inc. is an award-winning Public Relations agency in the heart of California's Silicon Valley. They work with clients nationwide and specialize in Media Relations - Spreading the Good News About You! - through both traditional and social media.

Three Girls Media offers a full range of services for authors including press releases, media relations and social media management. They are pleased to offer a 10% discount on PR services to all CCB Publishing authors.

For more information contact Erika Taylor Montgomery at:

You can also click on the banner below to visit their web site:

Three Girls Media banner logo

Need materials to promote your book?

From business cards to postcards, brochures, flyers, magnets, and much much more.
VistaPrint offers all these products at very affordable prices.
Click on the link below to find out more.

Free Business Cards Plus 14 Day Free Shipping $50+
VistaPrint Free Business Cards

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