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W. S. Fuller
W. S. Fuller

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Luggalor's Lenses
A Novel of Insight

by W. S. Fuller


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Luggalor's Lenses

We seem to be falling with frightening acceleration through a shrinking world of violence and corruption, self-absorption and alienation, hatred and fear. A world that claws at the soul and withers the spirit, with a growing gulf between the elite and the downtrodden, and a wasteland of personal agony for legions of both. A world whose life-sustaining resources are threatened as surely as the dreams of its inhabitants. A world where comfort, reliability and trust are increasingly replaced by disillusionment, suspicion, and disgust.

Luggalorís Lenses is a taut, fast-paced story that carries a message for our time...illuminates the ongoing wreckage to the human psyche, the environment, and social fabric of the planetís life...reveals how the truths inherent in every thread of creation are neglected...and offers more than a glimpse into possibilities for reversing the slide. Itís a story of insight...and ultimately...hope.

About the Author

W.S. Fuller holds a degree in journalism, and has been involved in the publishing industry as a writer, editor, and senior executive for over thirty years. Luggalorís Lenses is his first novel.

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Luggalor's Lenses

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