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Walter J. Kastner
Walter J. Kastner

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A Certain Ms. Ball
by Walter J. Kastner


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A Certain Ms. Ball

A Certain Ms. Ball is a historical romance adventure for all those eggheads, children, and grownups who want to know how high-tech and the space age were started, who the nerds really were who advanced the arts and the sciences we take for granted today. The interfaces for DVDs, the Internet, lasers, and fiber optics to collect light from a laser source and focus it to a point for readout or for coupling to another fiber optic for communications are tiny glass spheres, some as small as 1/100 of an inch in diameter.

Our two-millimeter heroine, Crystal, is born in A.D. 523 on the Arabian shore during a lightning storm. A shepherd boy finds her and keeps her until he dies as sultan. Shahrazad is his destiny, but he will have to wait.

Crystal has many adventures with well-known historical figures. Our hero is reborn in 1636 and starts his search for Crystal, from her legend. As Captain Nemo he finds Crystal and his destiny. Their son remains to seek his destiny.

About the Author

Walter J. Kastner is presently sales manager for a small specialty optical company. On a lark, he decided to make up tiny spherical lenses about two millimeters in diameter (250X) in the manner of Anton Leeuwenhoek's tiniest lenses. He was amazed at the clarity of the images of microscope slides and tiny unmounted objects.
Further thought gradually evolved (with the considerable help of others) into the present work. Although Mr. Kastner does not consider himself a writer, if the muse strikes, he may expand upon Ms. Ball.

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A Certain Ms. Ball

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