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Viola T. Miller
Viola T. Miller
Poet & Educator

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The Building Blocks to a Strong Marriage
A Marriage Manual in Poetry

by Viola T. Miller


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The The Building Blocks to a Strong Marriage: A Marriage Manual in Poetry

For Singles Only—
Are you considering marriage?
Do you want to choose the right mate?
Do you want a marriage that will last?
Read this book first.

For Husbands Only—
Does your wife seem to be cold and unresponsive to you?
Do you wish there was some way you could bring life back into your marriage?
Is your wife too critical?
Do you wish she was more supportive?

For Wives Only—
Does it seem that the only thing your husband thinks about is sex?
Or, do you wish you could get your husband interested in sex?
Do you get sick and tired of him watching TV and never talking to you?
Are you about fed up with marriage?

Wait! Don’t give up yet! There is help between the covers of this book.

Marriage was not intended for detachment or to be boring and unfulfilling.

When God made us, He was well aware of how we were constructed. Ample provision was made for meeting all our needs, which included our sexual needs. This was to be done within the confines of a loving, committed, relationship-- marriage.

The contents of this book span from contemplating marriage, to menopause and mid-life crisis, pausing as it tunnels through such issues as choosing the right mate, preserving the honeymoon, spousal abuse, conflict resolution and divorce-proofing your marriage.

There are special sections, which speak to and speak for husbands and wives, on most concerns one might face and would like an effective, tactful way to communicate them.

When both partners share the information in this book and take it to heart, both can experience a joyful renewal in the relationship or build one that will last.

About the Author

Viola T. Miller and her husband, Billy, reside in their hometown of Luxora, Arkansas, which has a population of about 1,300 and is located in north eastern Arkansas. Both are retired schoolteachers and are parents of two sons, Billy, Jr and Adrian.

Growing up the sixth of seven siblings, Viola was inspired by her minister father to take an interest in the Bible when she saw him study it so intensely. Having the same pursuit of its knowledge and understanding, her writings have a strong biblical emphasis.

She became interested in poetry at an early age as she participated in school and church functions, which consisted of recitations, speeches and drama. Later on, she began creating her own cards and writing verses for them, as well as, including poetry in her letters.

Over thirty years ago, when she was asked to work with the youth department in her church, Viola became increasingly more dissatisfied with the limited variety and the contents, which lacked motivation, in the resources that were available to work with at the time. This prompted her to create supplements to the available material, and eventually to write her own entirely. That has resulted in numerous inspirational writings, tributes, poetry, addresses, skits and plays.

Since 2005, Viola has published two other books: Check Yourself, which is a collection of inspirational poetry and Making the Right Choices, which is a collection of evangelistic drama for youth.

Her mission in life is to impact her world for eternity through sharing the Word of God. She believes that poetry is a means of capturing the attention of many, because it is easy reading, and it is viewed by many to be an expression of beauty; therefore, it paves the way for presenting truths that may otherwise be rejected.

Her church membership is with Gospel Temple Baptist Church in Luxora, Arkansas (Michael & Carol Mckinnie, pastors).

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The Building Blocks to a Strong Marriage
A Marriage Manual in Poetry

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