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Vi Brown, B.A.
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Kelly Orr, LL.B.

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Robert Hughes
Home Inspector

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Josée Lalonde
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The Real Estate Process
Pros Discuss Buying & Selling Your Home

by Vi Brown, B.A., Kelly Orr, LL.B., Robert Hughes, and Josée Lalonde


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The Real Estate Process

Buying or selling your home - this is an inside look at what these pros do for you - real estate agent - lawyer - home inspector - home stager.

Find out how this experienced real estate agent works for you. Get the real story on Open Houses - are there any risks? Could it be the dinosaur of real estate? You go to sign legal documents and don't always ask all the questions. This lawyer clearly spells out each step that is taken to protect you in the sale or purchase of your home. You are advised to have a home inspection. Perhaps your Uncle Fred can take a look at the house? Think again after you hear from this professional home inspector. You are placing your home on the market. Does it look its best? This home stager will give you an idea of how a simple consultation or a staging can get you a faster sale and often a higher price.

With the information they have provided, these four pros empower the consumer when buying or selling a home.


"The Real Estate Process is written by Vi Brown, a real estate agent who has teamed with a lawyer, a home inspector and home stager to co-author a book that helps demystify the process of buying or selling a home. The advice given can apply to real estate purchasers across Canada. The book is not meant to be encyclopedic in scope, but it covers enough ground for people to be empowered. It gives both buyers and sellers a road map of the process so that they know who to go to and what questions to ask."
- Pedro Arrais, Times Colonist Newspaper

"You'll find this to be a most thorough and comprehensive guide for new and not-so-new home Buyers and Sellers. Vi Brown is an experienced, knowledgeable and successful licensed REALTOR®, who along with other professional associates, explains in clear language the steps and service you should expect from your real estate professional and other real estate oriented services that will make your move a smooth endeavour."
- Susan K. Dunn, Managing Broker, DFH Real Estate Ltd., Victoria, BC

"I've worked with Vi Brown and have seen her real estate process in action -- her clients are her top priority. She also works with other experienced professionals to ensure everything in the process moves smoothly. I like the unconventional bios because it adds some personality to a somewhat dry topic -- a fun read for a real estate book!"
- Ione Longmore, Past Client, Victoria, BC

About the Authors

Vi Brown, B.A. is a highly knowledgeable and experienced real estate agent with a diverse background in business and real estate. She not only walks you through each step of the process but provides some invaluable insights into traditional real estate practices that are worth considering. Vi Brown has been a REALTOR® and Broker in both Ontario and British Columbia and has 20 years of experience. She also has a serious interest in writing and editing. Presently, she is based in Victoria, BC with DFH Real Estate Ltd.

Kelly Orr, LL.B. has two loves - law and music. To her law practice she brings a sensitivity to clarity. She ensures that her clients understand the implications of the legal process and has translated legal language into every day understandable terms. She provides a great opportunity for the consumer to become more knowledgeable. Kelly Orr is a graduate from the University of Victoria in British Columbia, had her own law practice specializing in real estate and land development for 15 years, and is presently practicing with Browne Associates.

Robert Hughes brings his no nonsense approach to home inspections by detailing what is involved in the process. He tells you what he does and what he doesn’t do during the course of an inspection and demonstrates a high standard of workmanship. Robert Hughes was certified as an Engineering Technologist in 1987 through Ryerson University in Toronto, has an extensive background in both construction and engineering, and is licensed in the Province of British Columbia, a Registered Home Inspector, member of the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAHPI) for the last 5 years, and a past member of the National Certification Program for Home and Property Inspectors.

Josée Lalonde brings creativity to this newer discipline in real estate. She discusses how a small investment in home staging can bring about higher returns. Josée brings a passion to her work but doesn’t lose track of the practical dimensions. Josée is a certified Canadian Staging Professional working with both clients and REALTORS® in Victoria, British Columbia.

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The Real Estate Process
Pros Discuss Buying & Selling Your Home

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