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Rustyna Lynne
Rustyna Lynne

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Chemically Insoluble
by Rustyna Lynne


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Chemically Insoluble

Susan had worked hard these past few years to recover her self-worth, for herself and her children. She is back in the community, working again as Percy's director for the beauty colleges, feeling more alive, and now able to afford a home for her and her children now that Missy is returning home.

She found a nice cottage in an area of the city where Drew would not think to look. It was always at the back of her mind that Drew may one day find her, but she is determined to go on and, not live in fear. However, one can sometimes get too relaxed with this line of thinking.

Drew does find her, kidnaps her more than once, wanting to have her without her children. He assumes that Benita and Harold would be free to raise them, and he can enjoy drugging and beating her as he did before, why not? She is his wife forever, and this time around he is more than ready to go beyond even his own limits. A murder does occur; is it accidental or intentional?

During all this Dr. Cohen enters the picture adding an additional twist to her dilemma. Will she ever be rid of these two men, who enjoy making women miserable with nightmares and physical abuse, and creating permanent scars on her and her children?

About the Author

Rustyna Lynne is a retired Cosmetologist and Barber, Design/Cosmetology Instructor, and Director of Schools and Salons. She served on the Arizona Hair Fashion Committee presenting the newest hair trends to fellow Designers and traveled as an Educator Representative, speaking before special groups and bringing fashion shows to life. Writing has always been a passion. Rustyna resides in the Verde Valley of Arizona, enjoying writing and art and travels.

Her adult offspring suggested she place some of the problematic areas of self-hair care and self-healthcare into 'how to' books for children. In her research and speaking with other professionals she took these nine books one step further making them 'fun and educational' for standard version readers and for special education readers. These readers are now in the process of being updated.

Not sure of the genre for adult level she wanted to stick with, Rustyna decided to write in all the genres she enjoyed reading: Pepper and Salt [Women’s Fiction], Chemically Insoluble [Women’s Fiction], Eftiam [Science Fiction/Fantasy], Liquid Gold (LG) [Mystery].

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Chemically Insoluble

Chemically Insoluble

Worldwide release: January 2016

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