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Jon William Lopez
Prayer Practitioner

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Beatrice Elliott
Prayer Practitioner

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Perfect Praying
5 Simple Steps That Make Prayers Work

by Jon William Lopez, RScP
with Beatrice Elliott, RScP

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Table of Contents



1. The Power of Thought

2. Affirmative Prayer

3. The Laws of Mind: Cause, Attraction & Manifestation/Effect

4. Step 1: Recognition – “Spirit Is”

5. Step 2: Unification – “I Am”

6. Step 3: Declaration – “I Affirm”

7. Step 4: Thanksgiving – “I Am Grateful”

8. Step 5: Release – “I Let Go”

9. The Silent Step

10. Composing the Perfect Prayer

11. Step Statements

12. Affirmations

13. Starting Down Your Path to Perfect Praying

14. Composing Your Perfect Prayers

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5 Simple Steps That Make Prayers Work

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