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Marti C. Sprinkle
Marti C. Sprinkle
Certified Water
Aerobics Instructor

Books by Marti C. Sprinkle

Water Wonder Works
A Guide to Therapeutic Water Exercises to Manage Arthritis Pain,
Strengthen Muscles and Improve Mobility

by Marti C. Sprinkle

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Water Wonder Works: A Guide to Therapeutic Water Exercises to Manage Arthritis Pain, Strengthen Muscles and Improve Mobility

Water Wonder Works is an innovative step-by-step illustrated manual with over 180 color photos that offers customized exercises for every part of the body and muscle group. It features a low-impact series of exercises that can prepare you for joint surgery by strengthening muscles around that joint. Water Wonder Works is a practical approach to gentle and stimulating workouts during or following physical therapy. These exercises can be performed in the comfort of your pool, spa or tub. When certain areas of your body are strained by overexertion or the daily stresses of life, water pulsating around aching or tired muscles can achieve both bracing and soothing results. Water Wonder Works helps you manage arthritis pain, strengthen muscles and improve mobility, and is a valuable asset to a healthier you.

About the Author

Born in the rural town of Tehachapi, California, Marti C. Sprinkle is a certified water aerobics instructor with over 25 years of experience. She is certified by the American Exercise Association and is also a member of the Aquatic Therapy and Rehabilitation Institute. She holds specialty certificates for Total Joint Replacement, Hip and Back, Integrated Core Training, and Rheumatology. For the past seven years Marti has specialized in therapeutic exercises in a commercial spa. She teaches water aerobics for all ages.

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