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Mark Benedict
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The Method of Selling
Your Key to Successful Sales with Over
70 Creative Selling Techniques

by Mark Benedict

Foreword by David Straker

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The Method of Selling

We won't bore you about how great this book is –
simply look inside for yourself to find out.

You obviously wish to improve yourself in the arena of selling, or else you would not be reading these words right now. That is why Mark Benedict was so careful and dedicated in his research to find the best sources and resources on selling he could from all around the world. With over 70 creative selling techniques, you are sure to have most of your sales questions answered.

Become a successful salesperson and discover:

  • How to make prospects like you
  • How to use hypnotic techniques
  • Three deeds that will guarantee your success in sales
  • How to make prospects agree with almost everything you say
  • How to take control of any situation
  • How you should be thinking seconds before coming in contact with any prospect
  • How to use body language to win customers
  • How to find your prospects’ hot buttons
  • and much, much more!

Presented in an easy to read format, The Method of Selling will make
your selling experience an enjoyable and much more profitable one.


"The Method of Selling is, in brief, the most comprehensive book on selling I have had the pleasure to read for a long time. In the pages Mark Benedict has condensed an enormous amount of sales wisdom into a complete book on selling.”
David Straker,

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The Method of Selling
Your Key to Successful Sales with Over
70 Creative Selling Techniques

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