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Lucile McCluskey
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The Daughters of Julian Dane
by Lucile McCluskey


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The Daughters of Julian Dane

At sixteen, Addie Martin learns the identity of the spirit with whom she shares her mind and memory. But when this spirit begins to take over Addie’s life, she can no longer keep secret from her parents, Ben and Della Martin, that she is different, and their lives are shattered.

When Wilhelmina Stone, Riverbend’s mysterious recluse and benefactor, learns of Addie’s dual identity, it almost costs Addie her life, and reveals secrets to her that will change her life and that of the people of Riverbend. Changes that will mean happiness and prosperity to the townspeople, but will the changes mend the broken lives of Addie and those that she loves? Will her parents accept the fact that the spirit world is very much a part of her life? And will she find that time helps to heal heartaches and disappointments, and gives hope for a happier, if somewhat different, tomorrow?

About the Author

Lucile McCluskey is a widowed senior citizen living in Lebanon, Tennessee. She is the mother of three, grandmother of four, and great-grandmother of seven. She has worked as a newspaper columnist, Society editor, and special feature writer. Her stories and articles have been published in The Lebanon Democrat, at The Nashville Tennessean, The Tennessee Living Cookbook, and several magazines. She served her church as librarian for twenty-five years.
This is Lucile McCluskey’s third book. Her first two books are: Haven and My Mema and Me.

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