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Leah Kobzan
Leah Kobzan
Crohn's Disease Survivor

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Crohn's Disease
My Truth Behind It All

by Leah Kobzan


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Crohn's Disease: My Truth Behind It All

Become a part of one woman's journey and uncover her truths and struggles behind battling a common illness known as Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Leah Kobzan grew up the youngest of five in an interesting family dynamic and endured an emotional and physical burden living with an auto-immune disorder, specifically Crohn's disease. Learn from a tell-all honest approach of what life was really like.

Discover the depths one must go through to fight their disease from the inside while trying to manage an everyday life. Work, family and so many things she knew had to be put on hold and/or changed entirely to put forth the energy to be strong, determined and overcome inner demons fueling her disease. Hear her bravely tell her story and detail her ride along the emotional rollercoaster of disability and the true feelings it brings. Constant medical appointments, never-ending tests and procedures, and attempting a completely alternate route to better her life and cope with her illness led to a new path. Being labeled disabled and attempting an approach not recommended by our routine medical professionals she faced off against the unknown. This challenge to fight disease and accept the pain to make huge life changes that seemed impossible in the end blossomed and created a new beautiful person who has learned to appreciate and love life while managing an illness through self-discovered physical and mental strength.

About the Author

Leah Kobzan is a 35-year-old woman living with an auto-immune disease disorder, specifically Crohn's disease. Growing up she had a normal childhood with many ups and downs like most people, but the entire time Leah was unaware what was happening and worsening inside her body. Experiencing pain started from a young age and consistently masked every symptom, so while not having the knowledge to seek medical attention unfortunately resulted in her health deteriorating for many years.

Leah lives her life feeling a connection to those who are facing medical intervention and treatment or in those who are trying to understand and manage their everyday pain. She empathizes with those who struggle to find the motivation in wanting to make healthier choices and improve their personal life; we are all connected in some way and Leah feels there is compassion, hope and insight through each one of our personal stories. She has met many people who are suffering and we all have unique journeys, some that are through living with illness. Share in Leah Kobzan's experiences and what is has taken to live well with Crohn's disease and ultimately be happy.

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Crohn's Disease: My Truth Behind It All

Crohn's Disease: My Truth Behind It All

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