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Ken Freed
Ken Freed
Software Analyst/Developer

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The Foundry modo Notes
Essential modo 3D Graphics Techniques for Advanced Beginners

by Ken Freed


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The Foundry modo Notes: Essential modo 3D Graphics Techniques for Advanced Beginners

Most modo books and training videos are marketed by giving the beginner quick results on a project, but this tends to impart a "paint by numbers" knowledge of the software. This book represents a distillation of a number of modo books and tutorials, and describes a set of common basic operations which underlie many modo 3D graphics projects.

Keeping in mind that 3D graphics software is NOT as intuitive as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, just realizing how to carry out basic 3D graphic operations, and what parts of the screen relate to others in the process, is often half the challenge for the modo advanced beginner.

If you're an advanced beginner (i.e., have some experience of the basics covered by most modo books), but find many tutorials time consuming to follow and replicate because the experts tend to take the more advanced basics for granted - the essentials laid out in this book have been written for you.

About the Author

Ken Freed is a software analyst/developer, and holds undergraduate degrees in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering along with a Masters Degree in Computer Science. With more than 30 years experience developing software for a wide variety of technical, manufacturing and commercial applications, he maintains that "explaining things" in a clear and concise manner and distilling out salient points is as important to project success as technical ability. His hobbies include a pursuit of German and Spanish foreign language competence along with continually improving upon his digital art skills.

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The Foundry modo Notes

Worldwide release: June 2014

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