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Jon William Lopez
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Beatrice Elliott
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Perfect Praying
5 Simple Steps That Make Prayers Work

by Jon William Lopez, RScP
with Beatrice Elliott, RScP

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Perfect Praying: 5 Simple Steps That Make Prayers Work

No “secret” here!

Perfect Praying: 5 Simple Steps That Make Prayers Work is a spiritual yet practical, easy-to-understand guide to creating the kind of life you’ve always dreamed of through the technique of Affirmative Prayer. The 5 Steps outlined in this book can empower you to trigger the forces of the Universe Itself and use them to create perfect health, happiness, prosperity, peace of mind, a perfect relationship or anything else you might want. The spiritual Principles outlined in Perfect Praying can work effectively for anyone of any faith or spiritual teaching. In fact, these Principles are ones you are already using every day! This guide shows you how to consciously apply them in a positive, confident and proactive manner to manifest the kind of results you want in your life.

About the Authors

Jon William Lopez, RScP and Beatrice Elliott, RScP, are licensed professional prayer practitioners with more than 25 years of New Thought spiritual science between them. Mr. Lopez is a photographer and former Disney artist. Ms. Elliott is a Speech Pathologist and has her Masters Degree in School Management and Administration. Beatrice Elliott's 2nd book, Change Your Story, Change Your Life: Rewrite the Past and Live an Empowered Now!, also assists others to effect change within their lives. Through the use of Affirmative Prayer they have manifested miracles in their lives, and continue to create their positive experience on a daily basis.

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5 Simple Steps That Make Prayers Work

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