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Jeanine Finelli
Jeanine Finelli
Certified Health Coach

Books by Jeanine Finelli

Love Yourself to Health... with Gusto!
Toxic Relationships, Toxic Food, Toxic Thoughts... No More!

by Jeanine Finelli


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Love Yourself to Health... with Gusto!: Toxic Relationships, Toxic Food, Toxic Thoughts... No More!

How do you build a healthy life during and after a toxic relationship? Are you toxic to yourself?

If your relationship is destructive and is repeatedly sabotaging your health, emotions, and your well-being, then it sure as hell isnít love. Toxicity takes many forms, from hurtful words to physical blows, unloving gestures, deceitfulness, or betrayal. Do you want more of the same, or do you want to live your life with zest, joy, and delight? Quit talking negatively to yourself and stop choosing foods that are hurting, not healing you. The ABC Guide will show you how to shed all that is not serving your soul and body. Toxic relationships, toxic food, toxic thoughts... no more! This book will leave you healthier, happier, whole, and even a little hotter, Bella!
Jeanine Finelli offers nourishment for your mind and teaches you about food and lifestyle habits that will fortify your body and spirit as you begin your journey toward health and happiness.
Empower yourself and love yourself to health. No one can do it for you.

Praise for Love Yourself to Health... with Gusto!

"Once I began reading, I could not put this book down."
- Anne Bruce, Bestselling Author of Discover True North, and Be Your Own Mentor (McGraw-Hill)

"Simple words of advice yet so wise, so necessary in the world of today."
- Gregory E. Lang, New York Times bestselling author

About the Author

Jeanine Finelli is a Certified Health Coach and Speaker with a private counseling practice. She conducts private phone sessions for clients nationwide, and believes in practicing what she preaches. Jeanineís two children are all the reason she needs to leave a legacy of wellness behind her.

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Love Yourself to Health... with Gusto!

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Worldwide release: August 2015

Love Yourself to Health... with Gusto!: ABC Guide for Surviving a Toxic Relationship

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