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Jenese Busch
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My Father's Daughter
by Jenese Busch


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My Father's Daughter

My Father’s Daughter is a heart warming epic about a loving and nurturing relationship between the author and her father.

Filled with pictures and memorabilia from her life as a child, Jenese Busch really sends a strong message while sharing the love and dedication she was blessed to have growing up. This wonderful, touching work tells of the struggle to maintain a home growing up in times of war and hardships, and of her father’s dedication to ensure she had a better life. Her father was devoted to providing stability and support throughout her life. Yet, Jenese found out just how much he had sacrificed after his death; when she discovered he had left her wealthy in more than the monetary sense. All those struggles and hardships were for her.

In today’s world most children are lucky to have a single parent. It seems as though everyone is too busy for their children. This book is so refreshing; the reader is able to look back in time when “family” mattered. The photos alone are like traveling through time, and will remind many readers of days gone by. So come along on this lovely walk past the picket fences down the cobbled walkway of Jenese’s life, as she shares her fondest memories of her father.

The journey of a tattered newsboy
With naught in life but the will
To reach the highest mountain
Rather than climb a hill.

He saw the world thru poet's eyes
And looked to him above,
The one who gave me on his way
His precious gift of love.

- written by Jenese's daughter Debby as a teen
to immortalize her Grampa in bronze.

About the Author

Jenese Busch is an adventurer and world traveller with the heart of a poet. She’s dedicated to her family and her community. This is her first book.

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