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Handgun Bullet Stopping Power
Beyond the Hyperbole of Cartridge Advocacy

by George B. Bredsten


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Handgun Bullet Stopping Power: Beyond the Hyperbole of Cartridge Advocacy

For the law enforcement officer and the civilian who may be in a situation that requires the use of a handgun to stop a lethal threat action, it is important that the person differentiates between the crass, glib and self-serving advertisements of ammunition vendors and the reality of how, what and why effective stopping power occurs.

Factors to consider are the physiological response, the psychological response, the time frame parameter and bullet efficacy. Of these four factors, only bullet efficacy can be somewhat controlled by the person, this only by understanding how and to what extent the bullet contributes to the degree of stopping power obtained.

A number of concepts / formulae have been included so as to permit the reader to consider their merits and whether or not they are consistent with the reality of biology, physics and other relevant sciences.

Finally the material in this book is intended to permit those persons to instruct, teach or make decisions regarding the selection of a service handgun/cartridge combination that will help to provide the means to prevail in a lethal threat confrontation.

About the Author

Mr. Bredsten retired from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center/Firearms Division (FLETC/FAD). With FLETC/FAD he performed duties as a firearms instructor and he also taught ballistics to the FLETC/FAD staff and to students in the Law Enforcement Rifle Training Program and in the Precision Rifle (Sniper) and Observer Program. Subjects covered included the ballistic coefficient, barrel time, the coefficient of reduction (form), Greenhill formula (rate of rifling twist), firearm recoil, bullet time-of-flight, bullet drop, bullet midrange, wind deflection, bullet penetration potential and bullet terminal (wounding) efficacy.
Since retiring he has provided ballistics consultation service for the FLETC/FAD, the Transportation Security Agency, the Orange County (Florida) Sheriff’s Department and Exxon Mobil Corporation.
Mr. Bredsten attended and completed various classes/courses relating to firearms (e.g., H&K MP5, Steyr Aug, Uzi, Tactical Speed Shooting and advanced shotgun) and ballistics (e.g., the first and second International Wound Ballistics Conferences, a Federal Law Enforcement Ammunition and Ballistics Seminar and Oehler’s Ballistic Instrumentation). Mr. Bredsten has an AA degree from Chaffey Jr. College and a BA degree from Sacramento State College and currently resides in Georgia.

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Handgun Bullet Stopping Power
Beyond the Hyperbole of Cartridge Advocacy

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