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Jasmine Kinnear
Jasmine Kinnear
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Every Story series

Every Story Series of Books - Page 2

Yes, we are looking for stories!

The Every Story series has many books planned and we are always looking for new story submissions. Our success comes in great part from writers like you who submit such wonderful stories of hope, inspiration, success and honor for those who have touched your lives. Stories, articles and poems from writers of all ages are accepted.

Please review the list of upcoming titles below to see if your story or idea matches one of the planned books. As this is only a partial list, feel free to submit your story even if you donít believe it may be appropriate for one of the books below as we are always exploring new ideas.

Feel free to submit as many stories as you wish.

Every Romantic Has A Story
Romance is the spice of life. It is the very nature of the romantic to disregard the tedium of routine and forever keep the spark of love burning in their most significant relationship. The romantic, in the simplest exchange of affectionate gestures, will always find romance reflected within their lover's eyes even after many years of marriage. We are all capable of romance although there are some romantics in waiting still hoping to meet that one special person they will love and marry. Whether you are the romantic or are married to one, how does your significant other maintain the romance in your relationship? What has been your most romantic experience? For those who find their romance in books or movies with only a Kleenex box in their laps for company, what has been your most romantic moment?

Every Girlfriend Has A Story
As we mature our personal growth will be reflected through our choices in the men we the find most compelling and attractive. Whether our decisions are based on the physical attributes or personal compatibility of a union, each will become a stepping stone on our journey to emotional maturity. Although a relationship may eventually prove to be of a positive or negative nature, we have nevertheless been left with a series of powerful learning experiences. Which boyfriend has left a lasting impression or through his personal influence changed your direction in life? If you could go back what changes would you make? What would you do differently now given the lessons that you've experienced with the men you have known?

Every Busy Mom Has A Story
To maintain balance the Busy Mom must be all things to all people. The Busy Mom may appear as poetry in motion but life is never quite that simple. How do you cope as a Busy Mom? How do you self-nurture? How do you protect your most valuable resource... your own self worth?

Every Stay at Home Mom Has A Story
The most difficult 24-hour a day job known to womankind. You are surrounded with work and spend every waking moment in service to those you hold dearest. What advice do you have for other Stay At Home Moms? For some the job may be heaven, for others an endless list of partially completed tasks that often lead to frustration. What has been your experience? Has it been the best of times or the worst of times or possibly a complex package of both?

Every Father & Daughter Have A Story
This is a relationship that is never-ending even when one member unfortunately may have passed on. The Father/Daughter relationship remains with the daughter her entire life. No man measures up to her father whereas no man is good enough for his daughter. Complicated and intense, the Father/Daughter connection is forever present. Every Father & Daughter Have A Story... how special is your relationship, how do you remember your Dad?

Every Mother & Daughter Have A Story
This is the most difficult relationship yet the most intense and dear. The relationship changes as the daughter ages and the mother must learn to accept and honor her daughter's perspective and subsequent growth. What has your daughter taught you? What would you do differently now if given the chance? As the daughter do you look back with loving memories or with bitter resentment? What would you change now to alter your Mother/Daughter story or have you been blessed with a relationship to teach others?

Every Mother & Son Have A Story
Mothers and sons have a "touch and go" relationship which is often more difficult for the mother to accept and understand. At times Moms raising sons are confused by their need for personal space as their sons actively search for their male identity. This is even more difficult for the single Mom raising an only son without a male role model living in the home. What is the story of your discovery as the mother of a son? As the son, what has your mother shown you that has greatly influenced your direction in life as a man?

Every Brother & Sister Have A Story
There are brothers and sisters who remain very close while others have great difficulty maintaining even minimal contact. In the brother and sister connection each will have their own unique and specific childhood issues or loving memories. Sometimes a lifetime blessing and for others a life long lesson in tolerance. How has your sibling influenced your life? What lessons have you learned? What is your story?

Every Dream Has A Story
Each night our subconscious provides an intimate view of our lives in the form of our dreams. There are some who interpret their dreams as visitations from the other side and are deeply comforted by the images of loved ones who have passed on. Have you ever dreamt of a deceased loved one with the image being presented to you in bright vivid colors? Do you pay attention to the messages from your dreams, especially those dreams that are repetitive in nature? Do you understand the complexity of the symbols your mind uses to communicate your emotional well-being? Do you dream of unspoken desires you hope to one day achieve? Have you ever dreamt of a loved one passed with the image being presented to you in vivid bright colors? What has been your most significant dream and did you correctly interpret the meaning of that dream? Have you ever had a premonition in the form of a dream only to experience the synchronicity in your life shortly thereafter? What messages of contentment or anxiety have you experienced during your hours of rest? Every Dream Has A Story... and in sharing your dream interpretation, you may help another reader find comfort in the messages found buried deeply within their own subconscious.

Every Caregiver Has A Story
A caregiver is more than a medical professional. A caregiver can be a daughter, a sister, a best friend or a close neighbor. A caregiver extends from both heart and soul no matter how exhausted they become or how many hours they work. Daughters reconnect to mothers, wives give to their husbands and husbands to their wives with past hurts placed aside or simply forgotten. To be a caregiver is to be there when life and personal devotion often matter the most. What has the role of being a caregiver meant to your life? What have you learned while by being present during a time of crisis in another's life by meeting the need precisely at a time when you were required the most?

Every Menopausal Woman Has A Story
A time of reluctant change, a letting go of the past with a view towards change in the future. Childbearing has reached an end but for others there is a renewed interest in future grandchildren. For some this is now an end to the possibility of choice with never having experienced the joy of children at all. Change is difficult but opens the potential to personal growth and self awareness. Many view this time in life with a sense of renewal as their years have provided them with a better knowledge and acceptance of themselves. We all need to reach out to one another as we experience changes within our bodies. Many must cope with uncomfortable physical symptoms during these years, and some women feel as if their bodies have simply betrayed them. Your story will not only provide comfort but may help another woman through her personal journey at this time in her life.

Every Survivor Has A Story
As a child raised within a dysfunctional family I had little choice but to become a Survivor. The role of a survivor is more than clinging on to the mere threads of existence. It is learning the skill of self acceptance and personal forgiveness. It is finding the strength to say, "I blame you for nothing and forgive you for everything." If you are a child from a dysfunctional family take this first step to reach out to others who have shared the same despair. Nothing remains the same good or bad. Share your personal story of being a Survivor and connect to another who has survived the same painful journey.

Feel free to submit as many stories as you wish.

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