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Jasmine Kinnear
Jasmine Kinnear
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Every Story series

Every Story Series of Books

Yes, we are looking for stories!

The Every Story series has many books planned and we are always looking for new story submissions. Our success comes in great part from writers like you who submit such wonderful stories of hope, inspiration, success and honor for those who have touched your lives. Stories, articles and poems from writers of all ages are accepted.

Please review the list of upcoming titles below to see if your story or idea matches one of the planned books. As this is only a partial list, feel free to submit your story even if you don’t believe it may be appropriate for one of the books below as we are always exploring new ideas.

Feel free to submit as many stories as you wish.

Every Cat Has A Story - Volume II
Due to the response to our first volume of Every Cat Has A Story we are presently accepting submissions for Volume 2 of this successful and well loved series. Do you have a cat story that you would enjoy sharing with other ailurophiles? Have you experienced the irresistible lure of a Feline Soul Mate or do you reside in a multi-cat household of idiosyncratic feline personalities? Does a cat stretch from one end of your life to the other? Share your story in Volume 2 of Every Cat Has A Story and create a lasting memory of your special relationship with your beloved cat.

Every Dog Has A Story
Is there any relationship that's as unconditional or nurturing as one shared with man's best friend? I come from a family that bred purebred poodles and I carry many wonderful memories of the puppies and dogs we bred. I also have a growing passion to own a Brussels Griffon ever since I saw the movie "As Good As It Gets"... I lost my heart to Jill and one day I'm hoping to have my own puppy. The last dog I bonded with was owned by the family that lived next door in the duplex my son and I rented. In the 20 years we lived beside our neighbors they owned two dogs. Their last dog, Ginger, was four years old when her mistress suddenly died; Ginger was left living with a grieving family and it was through her grief that I connected to her. Such unusual circumstances brought her into my life and we became as attached as through she had always been my own dog. Every dog does indeed have a story but perhaps your relationship was similar to mine where you were bonded to a dog through the heart but never had the pleasure of owning her yourself. The memory of a loving dog is carried within our hearts and remembered throughout our lives. How has your dog both touched and made your life more complete?

Every Mother Has A Story
No other job in life is more important. For each of her children every mother holds within her heart an individual story, and that story will gradually change as the child matures. To adapt, to grow, to unconditionally love and accept our children can be gratifying and yet still hold difficult moments of self-doubt and indecision. What has the role of being a mother meant to you?

Every Daughter Has A Story
Many times the role of daughter is referred to as the most complex of all family-based relationships, mother and daughter vs. father and daughter. When viewed from the individual perspective of the mother or daughter, each may have a totally different perception of their relationship. Sometimes nurturing and often difficult, it's the mother who forms the nucleus and forever remains an integral part of her daughter's heart. A daughter's relationship with her father can be equally challenging but holds emotional elements that bind the two of them together for all time. These two essential relationships will form a child’s emotional foundation. They are the most intensely personal relationships for a woman and may not only determine her self-esteem, but also trust in all relationships throughout her life. As a daughter how has your mother helped shape your life? How has your father guided your decisions? What influence have your parents provided in preparing you for life, love, marriage and children. Would you make any changes should you be blessed with the challenge of raising your own daughter?

Every Sister Has A Story
There are sisters who are acquired through birth and others who may appear through one of life's experiences. Each is equally important as both are sisters in matters concerning the heart. How has your sister influenced your life? From your first memories in childhood, how has her presence influenced your life? How important has she been when your life has proven the most difficult?

Every Father Has A Story
A lifetime of memories stored close to the heart. Words of wisdom shared and a never-ending bond that connects a father to his children for all time. From cradle to grave a father holds a sacred place in the heart of his child. How has being a Dad changed your life? How much has this life altering experience meant to you? Do you have a message or messages for your daughter or son?

Every Grandparent Has A Story
Never forgotten while silently replacing the missing pieces of time neglected by busy parents, a grandparent is the genetic link to our past of unconditional love. As gently perceived through the innocent eyes of children, a grandparent's love is one that remains forever pure and accepting. Grandchildren claim places within our hearts that may never be touched by another. How has the experience of being a grandparent changed your life? After raising your own children how has this experience been different and how has it changed you?

Every Single Mother Has A Story
There can be no relationship so misunderstood than that of a single mother. Whether by chance or circumstance, a single Mom must constantly balance love and work, while also balancing her checkbook with stress and worry. A single mother is everything to her children from blessed saint to strict disciplinarian. Take this opportunity to share your experiences as a single mother. How have you managed to maintain balance while dealing with the many responsibilities in your life?

Every Working Woman Has A Story
Whether doctor or lawyer, cleaner or typist, the working woman is a force of feminine ingenuity and power. How has your work affected your relationships, your self-esteem and your personal life? Do you sometimes bring the office politics and frustrations home with you? Or have you discovered the secret every woman seeks in leaving the working environment behind at the end of a busy day? Do you have a position where you must work with mostly men? If your chosen career is male dominated how has this experience changed you? What advice would you offer to other women interested in a career that is traditionally held by more men than women such as a police officer, an electrician, a mechanic, etc?

Every Teacher Has A Story
We each carry a memory of a favorite teacher or moment when a teacher was instrumental in directing us through a decision in life. Teachers also share memories of special students who have touched their lives, making them feel appreciated and their careers worthwhile. Only when seen from the teacher's perspective can a student truly appreciate the self sacrifice and 'gift' of a caring teacher. As a teacher, provide your personal message to the students you have taught or to that one special student you have never forgotten.

Every Nurse Has A Story
Not everyone has the courage to assume the importance of being a nurse. One nurse provided an interesting insight into the world of caring for others. She said, "You really can't explain to people all the emotions that you go through being a nurse. You see so much on a daily basis. As a nurse you are working in a hospital where you are constantly dealing with reality, as it is. I am blessed to actually see people be truly who they are. You work your best to try and foster a nurturing environment for them and keep their pain away and convince them that they are going to eventually come out of their situation a lot stronger. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone in the midst of their pain thanking you and I'm always left wondering how people can be so kind and resilient at such a difficult moment in their lives." Patients will touch a nurse's heart… lives are lost and often it's only the nurse who records the last moments or is present while a child labors their way into the world. For every nurse there is a story of strength and courage… which patient, which memory is the one you will never forget?

Every Medical Professional Has A Story
So much is expected from the Medical Professional. We take for granted that our Doctors and their staff have lives outside their practice. They become emotionally susceptible with concern regarding their patients and yet must always remain professionally detached regarding any medical decisions. They touch countless lives with warmth and compassion while working long hours and extending quality care. We invite members of the Medical professions, Specialists, GP’s, Dental professionals, etc. to submit their stories. The Medical Assistant attending the front desk to the Dental Assistant or Hygienist assisting the dentist have all shared an encounter during their career that was meaningful to them. Each role within the medical community is important and will have specific experiences in relation to their contact with patients. Which patient do you remember and why?

Feel free to submit as many stories as you wish.

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