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Jasmine Kinnear
Jasmine Kinnear
Contributing Author & Editor
Every Story series

Every Story Series of Books

Welcome to the Every Story series submission guidelines. Our success comes in great part from writers like you who submit such wonderful stories of hope, inspiration, success and honor for those who have touched your lives. Stories, articles and poems from writers of all ages are accepted.

For a partial list of our upcoming book titles please click here.

Tips for a successful Every Story submission

Submissions to the Every Story series are true stories about extraordinary or special people whose unique contributions have gone unnoticed or were particularly touching during difficult periods in life experienced by us all, and deserve recognition and a place of honor. Stories that touch the readerís heart and lift their spirit. These are personal stories expressing emotion and feeling that will capture the readerís imagination and bring hope to others in similar circumstances. Hope that they too will be able to have success in their lives or that things will simply be okay. The stories will be inspiring because they'll demonstrate that someone else has walked in their shoes and not only survived but also thrived. To cover the range of human emotions is the making of a good story.

Guidelines for Story Submissions

1. Story submissions should induce emotion, feeling and even provoke the readerís imagination.

2. Your story can detail a funny, exciting or even sad event that happened to you personally or someone you know.

3. You may wish to include some action in describing the problem, circumstances or situation. Try having one or more characters express themselves through dialogue to voice their feelings or emotions. The ending may have a twist, a lesson to be learned or revelation to inspire others.

4. Lastly, as they always say, write what you know. Your story is important, so remember to speak from your heart.

Specifications for Story Submissions

All submissions should be written with Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, etc., double spaced and sent via e-mail. If we choose your story for inclusion in one of the upcoming books weíll contact you and provide you with a reprint permission form. You will also be contacted regarding possible inclusion of any photos that may also be relevant to your story.

1. Ensure that the authorís full name and contact information is included with each submission.

2. Stories for this series should be non-fiction. There is no word limit.

3. All submissions must have an identifiable author.

If your submission is published, you will be given full credit in the book and compensated by receiving three FREE copies of the book in which your story appears. Of course you can also take pride in telling your friends and family that one of your stories has been published!

The compilation, editing and publication of these stories can take many months and sometimes more than a year. Your patience and understanding regarding this time consuming process is greatly appreciated. Should your story submission be chosen, you will be contacted to obtain written permission to reprint your story. Any stories not immediately chosen will be kept on file and may be considered for future books.

Please submit as many stories as you wish. Any pre-published stories written either by yourself or someone else are also welcomed. Including the author, name of publication and/or publisher is necessary so we may obtain reprint permission.

Click here to view the Every Story series submission form

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