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Emma Louise Williams Thomas
Emma Louise Williams Thomas
Children's Author and School Teacher

Dimitri Garcia
Dimitri Garcia

Books by Emma Louise Williams Thomas

The Family with Many Colors
Written by Emma Louise Williams Thomas
Illustrated by Dimitri Garcia


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The Family with Many Colors

Todayís world is full of diversity and it comes in many shapes, sizes, creeds and so much more. In this wonderful story of a Family with Many Colors, children learn that being different is not only ok, but itís cool, hip and fun. The Family with Many Colors shows how love does not stop at one color, or style. Love embraces everyone and everything. To show true love and acceptance, we must look beyond the color barrier, embrace the uniqueness in all of us and know that being different is not wrong, just different which adds to our rich culture and life.

About the Author and Illustrator

Mrs. Emma Thomas grew up in Tallahassee, Florida. At an early age she wanted to be an artist. As time progressed, she saw the value and enjoyment that many teachers in her area received from teaching. This won her over and she decided to go to college with her grandmotherís help to become a teacher. She earned a degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education, with a minor in Middle School Science. In college, Mrs. Thomas met her husband, Willie. She is a proud parent of a daughter and now has a granddaughter that she cherishes deeply.

Through the years of teaching, Mrs. Thomas has met many students and parents from a variety of backgrounds and cultural diversities. She learned from her students on how to share love and grew to appreciate their ability to look beyond skin color. This led her to writing a book about the different beautiful flowers (colors of people) which has turned into her first book: The Family with Many Colors.

Dimitri Garciaís recognition of being artistic filled him with bliss at a very early age. He adored feeling special because his gift was so unique. Dimitri especially found joy in surprising himself and others when artwork looked better than anticipated. His greatest influences have been children's books, comics, cartoons and motion graphics. Dimitriís mediums always range from acrylic, watercolor, pen and ink and digital coloring but he always starts inside a sketchbook. He calls Austin, Texas his home and divides his time and attention between personal training, freelance graphic design, illustration and yoga.

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The Family of Many Colors

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