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Doriane Lucia
Doriane Lucia, M.Ed.
Humane Education Educator

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The Story of Lilly & Lou
Based on a true story

by Doriane Lucia, M.Ed.
Foreword by Zoe Weil


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The Story of Lilly & Lou

The Story of Lilly & Lou invites children (9-15 years old) to take an exciting journey with Alicia, the main character, on what begins as a routine walk with her dog Bella in New York City. Little does she know that what she discovers in the park will forever change her life, the life of two dogs and many others.

The Story of Lilly & Lou is gripping and touching and teaches us all the power of compassion, courage and purpose.


The Story of Lilly and Lou is captivating, heartwarming, and instructive. Doriane Lucia has written a story that children (and adults) will adore. At the same time, we all learn to care a bit more because of Lilly and Lou.”

- Zoe Weil, President of the Institute for Humane Education and author of Above All, Be Kind, Most Good, Least Harm and two children’s books, Claude and Medea: The Hellburn Dogs and So, You Love Animals

“What a beautiful story! Doriane Lucia understands the importance of Humane Education and the individual power that each of us possess for change. I believe that The Story of Lilly & Lou shines a light for all of us along this path of compassion and courage.”

- Julie Lewin, author of Get Political for Animals and Get the Laws They Need and President of the National Institute for Animal Advocacy (

“Doriane Lucia has recognized an element in education that truly needs to be strengthened and extended. Every child possesses the ability to learn compassion and responsibility for others. The Story of Lilly & Lou is one that provides an example of extraordinary courage and passion and instills the belief in children that they, too, can make a difference in the world: one person, one animal, one community at a time.”

- Nicole Waicunas, M.Ed., English Teacher, E.O. Smith High School, Storrs, Connecticut

About the Author

Doriane Lucia has been formally involved in animal rescue and Humane Education since 1994. While living in New York City, she assisted the ASPCA’s Humane Educator with lessons for children. Invaluable experience was also gained while working as an Adoption Counselor at one of the most highly regarded animal shelters in the country.

Doriane is the founder of Humane Nation Foundation through which she creates and conducts Humane Education lessons. She also holds individual consultations bridging the gap between what is legal and what is humane to better the life of a dog, the family and the community.

Doriane received her Master’s degree in Humane Education from Cambridge College in Boston, MA and The Institute for Humane Education. She is also a member of APHE (Association for Professional Humane Educators) and received the ASPCA’s certificate in Humane Education.

The Story of Lilly & Lou has been introduced to many young adults and children. This story has proven to be a successful tool to help tap into the compassion, potential and passion of our children. A companion workbook with lesson plans is available at:

Click here to view Doriane Lucia's Humane Nation Foundation web site

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The Story of Lilly & Lou
Based on a true story

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