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Darlene King
Darlene King

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HIV Infected by Her Cheating Pastor Husband
A Wife's Courageous True Story of Betrayal, Survival and Forgiveness

by Darlene King


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HIV Infected by Her Cheating Pastor Husband: A Wife's Courageous True Story of Betrayal, Survival and Forgiveness

In this autobiography, Evangelist Darlene King relives her life giving an intimate perspective of her mistakes and life lessons as she lays everything on the line. Travel on a journey in her shoes as she recalls her struggles of being infected with HIV by her husband--a church pastor--and still constantly having to fight for her marriage through her husband’s on-going adultery. She learns the hard way that if HIV doesn’t stop him from cheating, nothing will.

Darlene suffered from verbal abuse by her cheating pastor husband who aimed to break her spirit with insults such as, “I married beneath me,” to dealing with the pain of lies and deceit that come with drug addiction. This is an eye opening story of one woman’s triumph over divorce, depression, disease, and distress. Darlene invites you to join in her emotional roller coaster that will make you laugh, cry, feel happy, sad, joyful, loving and inspired. This book is full of stories that will leave you saying, “I didn’t know that,” and “NO, he didn’t do that!” This book is definitely an eye opener for women who don't believe the worst can happen with a man cloaked in holy clothing.

King is a devoted mother, preacher, and volunteer speaker for Action Aids of Philadelphia. She is so thankful that God has allowed her to live to see and experience exceedingly, abundantly more than she could have imagined since she tested positive for HIV in 1991. Her hope is that this book changes how we look at those people infected with HIV and that it may prompt a dialogue for people to be educated and get tested. She is now ready to share her story with the world. As she pours her pain onto the pages of this book, she hopes to speak out for anyone who has been scared into silence or afraid of how they will be treated when their health news is revealed. She hopes to provide inspiration to all… especially those whom society has deemed unworthy.

This book inspires the movement to love others as we want to be loved. Readers will realize that today it’s not just the drug addict being infected with HIV, but it’s also the preacher’s wife and the senior citizen. May this book prompt the thought, but for the grace of God, it could be my mother, father, sister, brother--or it could be me.

Readers will realize that today it’s not just the drug addict being infected with HIV, but it’s also the preacher’s wife and the senior citizen.

About the Author

Darlene King is an HIV survivor from Philadelphia. She grew up in a loving environment where God was always first and caring for others was a natural second. The love and support she continually receives from her family strengthens and guides her life’s work daily. The pain of all she has experienced has been poured onto the pages of her book.

Darlene is a born again Christian. She was trained and licensed as an Evangelist in Philadelphia. She has also graduated from the Evangelism Institute. Darlene currently serves on the Ministerial Staff. She has served as Worship Leader, Youth Director, Director of Vacation Bible School, Youth New Members Instructor, Discipleship Training Instructor, Evangelism Institute Instructor, Sunday School Teacher and Administrative Assistant to the Senior Pastor. She served as Director of Responsive Strategies to Violence Prevention, a program she developed for youth in Southwest Philadelphia. Darlene has facilitated many workshops over the years for youth and adults, and has spoken at many churches and colleges on HIV/AIDS awareness and shared her personal experience.

She volunteers with Action Aids of Philadelphia on the Speaker’s Bureau program as well as various volunteer assignments as needed. Darlene has com-mitted her life to serving others living with HIV and AIDS by being a voice for those who may not have a voice because they have been scared into silence. She is an advocate for those who have been shunned, a friend for those who may be lonely, a confidant for a down bent shoulder, and a hand to lift those up who have been shut out.

God has blessed her to live to experience and see things she could have never imagined. Through her trails she has gained a greater understanding of (Psalm 37:25 kjv) “I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.” To God she gives ALL the Glory.

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