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Donald F. Myers
Donald F. Myers
Historical Fiction Writer
& 7th Cavalry Enthusiast

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Custer's Gatling Guns
What If He Had Taken His Machine Guns
to the Little Big Horn?

by Donald F. Myers


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Custer's Gatling Guns: What If He Had Taken His Machine Guns to the Little Big Horn?

Never before has a historically accurate novel telling of the day-to-day journey to the Little Big Horn featuring interesting characters been written, including the Gatling Gun Battery commander and his men.

Custer takes his three Gatling Guns with him instead of leaving them at the Yellowstone River. The author, a retired Marine, came up with a plausible solution of how the heavy machine guns could have moved with the 7th Cavalry without slowing it down through rough terrain.

The book has a “what if” flavor from beginning to the dramatic ending that any history buff will enjoy. A rip-roaring tale of the 1870’s.


“Custer’s Gatling Guns is an absolutely amazing book that shows solid research, which lends authenticity to the storyline and makes it an outstanding read.”
Fred Axthelm, Marine Corps League Historian

“When is comes to storytelling, Don Myers rides with you in the saddle on the long trail to the Little Big Horn battle. He takes the reader on the day by day experiences of the expedition that led George Armstrong Custer to everlasting fame and glory.”
Dr. Thomas M. Joyce, Past President of the Indiana Military Historical Society

“Donald F. Myers is a talented and respected author who takes a different approach in his ability to bring military history to life. Custer’s Gatling Guns certainly proves this attribute with his page turning extraordinary story that once started you don’t want to put it down.”
Shirley Henson-Corbett, Editor, Writer

“Custer’s Gatling Guns is much more than another historical novel. It is rooted in history with characters that come alive as they must have been, complex, heroic and flawed men. The strength of the book is the element of humanity flowing through its characters. This book is easy to read, well researched, well written, and thought provoking. Everything a reader could ask for.”
Indiana Historical Society

“A masterful epic that brings General George Armstrong Custer and his men alive. The view from the Indian perspective is what makes this book tick right along however, no one has ever taken the time to dwell on the Indian side of this tragic encounter in a human way. Myers leads the reader to a finality that reaches a blistering pace and you find yourself with trembling fingers turning the pages faster and faster.”
Joni Bour, The PX Book Shelf

About the Author

Donald F. Myers was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. In 1952 at age seventeen he enlisted in the U. S. Marine Corps. He retired from the Corps on 30 April 1973. Myers is Indiana’s most decorated living Marine veteran. A recipient of two Silver Star medals for conspicuous gallantry, two Bronze Star medals for heroic achievement, five Purple Heart medals for combat wounds, Navy/Marine Corps Commendation medal for heroic achievement, Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with palm, and Vietnam Medal of Military Merit are among his 32 awards.
A graduate of Arsenal Technical High School of Indianapolis, Myers also attended East Carolina College and successfully completed the College Proficiency Examination Program through the University of the State of New York.
The U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) employed Myers after he was medically retired from the Corps. In 1990, he retired from the VA as a senior counselor. Myers also spent over 20 years with the Indiana Guard Reserve retiring from that military organization as a full colonel.
He has authored six books. A father of two sons and three daughters Myers resides with his wife Dorothy in Franklin Township, a suburb on the southeast side of Indianapolis.

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Custer's Gatling Guns
What If He Had Taken His Machine Guns
to the Little Big Horn?

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