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Barbara Fix
Barbara Fix
Emergency Preparedness
& Gardening Author

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Prepare Before Disaster Strikes

by Barbara Fix


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Survival: Prepare Before Disaster Strikes

If there was an unexpected emergency, do you have a 72-hour emergency kit stored in your car that will get you home safely? And when you arrive will there be enough food, water and medical supplies to see you and your loved ones past a short-term or long-term crisis? If the answer is no, Survival: Prepare Before Disaster Strikes offers common sense, drama-free advice on food storage, preparedness goods and getting your home survival-ready—whether it is in the city or the country—that won’t break the bank!

About the Author

Barbara Fix was born and raised on an Alaskan homestead, dodging moose on the way to the outhouse and playing Scrabble by lamplight. She currently lives off-grid in North Idaho with fewer moose and alternative power. Barbara is a published author of numerous articles and advice columns related to preparedness and gardening.

For current news, tips and fun with preparedness, visit Barbara’s blog site:

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Survival: Prepare Before Disaster Strikes

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