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Information for Authors

CCB Publishing was started as a traditional publishing house and later expanded into Print-on-Demand to accommodate independent authors who needed to get their books into print quickly. That’s what makes us different from other POD companies such as iUniverse, AuthorHouse, Xlibris, Trafford, etc. As a traditional publishing house, we have avenues to distribute and promote your book not only in the United States and Canada, but also internationally which gives you the best chance for sales. We work very closely on a personalized basis with each author until your book is in print and provide you with excellent customer service at every step along the way.

We publish under the imprint CCB Publishing. Our philosophy is that authors deserve to have their work published and be duly compensated. To that end we work closely with our authors and share in all proceeds from book sales. We offer a 50-50 split of the net proceeds of each book sold.

We are able to offer this compensation to our authors because we use a combination of both traditional offset printing and leading edge "print on demand" technology that allows us to offer our clients a solution that alleviates the need to carry large inventories. In return we pass these savings along to you.

We will work closely with you to take your work from a manuscript to a highly polished and professionally presented published book. While there are no guarantees that any published book will reach the top of the best seller lists, we undertake the same risk/reward scenario of our authors.

Let's take a moment to provide you with some information about our company. We are able to publish a book within 30-60 days from the time we receive all materials, a signed publishing agreement and payment. Both hard and soft cover printed books with black & white or color interiors are available.

CCB Publishing works with self-published authors and uses a combination of both traditional offset printing and Print on Demand technology which provides authors the opportunity to purchase as many or as few books as they require, from 1 copy to 1,000 copies or more. Our printer is located in Tennessee, with additional printing plants located in Pennsylvania, Ohio and California, and their present capacity is over 3 million books per month. Our printer also has facilities in the United Kingdom, France and Australia, which facilitates order fulfillment to overseas customers. Our printer is the same one used for the Oprah Book Club books.

Having partnered with Ingram Books and Baker & Taylor, the largest distributors of books in North America, your book will be available to over 25,000 bookstores. In Europe we have also partnered with industry leading distributors Gardners Books and Bertram Books. Distribution of printed books in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region is provided by Dennis Jones & Associates. These international distribution partnerships allow our books to be made available to over 13,000 additional bookstores worldwide.

We stand out from other publishers because we provide authors with the option of having their books listed as fully returnable, which encourages bookstores to purchase books.

Your work can also be made available as an e-book, the fastest growing segment in the book industry. For those of you who may not be familiar with the term, an e-book (sometimes also referred to as an electronic or digital book) is an electronic version of a printed book. Some people also choose to have their work published only as an e-book. All e-books published by CCB Publishing use DRM (Digital Rights Management) software to guard against copyright infringement of the author's work.

We are currently partnered with distributors worldwide that allow our authors' e-books to be purchased from:

- Amazon's Kindle (U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, France, Spain, etc.)
- Barnes & Noble's Nook
- Kobo (U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, etc.)
- Books-A-Million
- Apple's iBookstore (for iPad, iPhone, etc.)
- Google e-books (U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, Germany, Spain, etc.)
- Chapters/Ingido's Kobo
- Bookstrand
- WHSmith U.K.
- Angus & Robertson (Australia)
- Overdrive / Content Reserve (U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, etc.)
- Over 22,000 libraries worldwide
- and many, many other online retailers all around the world.

Publishing Packages

- $250 USD - E-book Package: Book published in e-book edition only, distributed worldwide (see information above). Includes cover design, if necessary.

- $750 USD - Basic Package: Book published in print edition with soft cover, distributed worldwide, 5 FREE books and cover design, if necessary, included.

- $799 USD - Silver Package: Book published in print edition with soft cover, distributed worldwide, 20 FREE books and cover design, if necessary, included (books with color interiors will receive 10 FREE books).

- $1,000 USD - Gold Package: Book published in print edition with soft cover, distributed worldwide, 20 FREE books and cover design, if necessary, included (books with color interiors will receive 10 FREE books). Book also published in e-book edition, distributed worldwide.

- $1,100 USD - Platinum Package: Book published in print edition with soft cover, distributed worldwide, 20 FREE books and cover design, if necessary, included (books with color interiors will receive 10 FREE books). Book also published in e-book edition, distributed worldwide. Print edition made available to distributors as "fully returnable" for one (1) year from date of publication.

- $1,499 USD - Platinum Plus Package: Book published in print edition with soft cover AND hard cover, distributed worldwide, 20 FREE books (soft cover) [books with color interiors will receive 10 FREE books], 5 FREE books (hard cover) and cover design, if necessary, included. Book also published in e-book edition, distributed worldwide. Print edition made available to distributors as "fully returnable" for one (1) year from date of publication.

Following is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Q: What services do you provide?
A: - FREE Formatting/layout of manuscript
     - FREE Cover design (if necessary)
     - FREE Table of Contents (if required)
     - FREE ISBN number and barcode
     - FREE listing with online retailers including Amazon,,,,,,, etc.
     - FREE listing and worldwide distribution with the EBM (Espresso Book Machine®)
     - FREE listing with Books in Print and Global Books in Print (used by bookstores,
        libraries, universities, etc. to research acquisitions)
     - FREE placement on our web site
     - FREE Media Kit
     - FREE books (depending on package chosen)
     - FREE listing with internet search engines
     - FREE listing with Amazon’s Search Inside the Book program
     - FREE listing with Barnes & Noble's Search Inside program
     - FREE listing with Google's Book Partner program

Q: How quickly can my book be published?
A: Once a duly completed publishing agreement and payment have been received, we will be able to have your book published within 30-60 days. This is a general guideline.

Q: I have printer-ready PDF files. Can you use these to publish my book?
A: The honest answer is it depends. Ideally we prefer to work from a double spaced manuscript provided as a Microsoft Word document. What may be considered "printer-ready" from one publisher/printer is not always compatible with another publisher/printer. Contact us by e-mail at and send them to us for review.

Q: How often will royalties be paid and sales statements sent out?
A: CCB Publishing will remit payments in U.S. Dollars (USD) to authors on a quarterly basis (4 times a year: Jan-Apr-Jul-Oct) along with a report of sales as they occurred. Presently CCB Publishing receives compensation for sales through its distribution channels with a three (3) month delay from the time the sales actually occurred.

Q: How much will it cost to make my book available to the distributors as "fully returnable" so that I can do a book signing with Barnes & Noble?
A: If you wish to have the book listed as "fully returnable" which will encourage bookstores to purchase your book, and is also required by large bookstore chains in order to have a book signing, then an additional $100.00 USD is payable on an annual basis.

Q: Can I have my book published as an e-book? If yes, at what cost?
A: Yes, to make your book available as an e-book, the one time fee for this service is $250.00 USD. Review e-book information and Publishing Packages above for more information.

Q: Where will people be able to purchase my book?
A: Books will be available to over 25,000 bookstores as well as online retailers worldwide including Amazon,,,,,, and many others.

Q: Do you publish both soft and hard cover books? If yes, what trim sizes?
A: Yes, books can be published in either soft or hard cover with either black & white or color interiors. A number of different trim sizes are available, varying from 5" x 8" to 8.5" x 11". Some common trim sizes include 5.5" x 8.5", 6" x 9" and 7" x 10".

Q: How much will it cost to print my book?
A: The print cost will depend on the trim size, number of pages, cover (hard or soft) and if the interior pages are black & white or color. For example, a 6" x 9" 200-page soft cover book with a black & white interior will cost $3.90 USD to print while a 6" x 9" 200-page hard cover book will cost $9.00 USD.

Q: My book has over 300 pages, is that okay?
A: Acceptable page count range = 4 to 1,200 pages.

Q: I have quotes by another author in my book. Is that okay?
A: Each author must ensure for their own copyright liability that any quotes from sources such as books, magazines, newspapers, etc. have been verified and permission received from the publisher to reproduce the quote within their own work.

Q: Can I have color photos in my book?
A: Yes, we can be published both soft and hard cover books with full color interiors, but the cost of printing is much higher than books with black & white interiors. Please contact us to discuss this further.

Q: Can I have photos in my book?
A: Yes. For books with black & white interiors, all images will be converted to black and white. E-books can have both black & white and color photos. Please note: If images are not of author's own creation, then the author must ensure for their own copyright liability that any images utilized within the book's interior or as part of its cover have been verified and permission received from the artist or company to reproduce the image within their own work. All images must be supplied in either JPEG or TIFF format at 300 DPI (dots per inch).

Q: How much will it cost to purchase books for myself or to send as review copies?
A: A nominal fee of only $2.00 USD per book is added to the print cost. Author must pay cost of shipping. All book orders must be prepaid.

Q: Still have more questions?
A: Contact us at

CCB Publishing is pleased to announce a new distribution channel for its authors’ books. Placed primarily in bookstores and libraries, the Espresso Book Machine® (the “EBM”), a Time Magazine “Best Invention of 2007,” is essentially an ATM for books. The EBM automatically prints, binds and trims on demand at point of sale perfect-bound library-quality paperback books with full-color covers that are indistinguishable from most books on a bookstore shelf. The EBM can manufacture a 300-page book in less than 4 minutes while the customer waits. Books with black and white interiors will be universally available, while books with color interiors will only be available from certain sites. In addition to Time Magazine, this revolutionary new technology has been featured by The New York Times, Newsweek, Fortune, CNN and NPR.

Other participating publishers of note include John Wiley & Sons, Hachette Book Group, McGraw-Hill, Simon & Schuster, Clements Publishing, Information Age Publishing, Macmillan, University of California Press and W.W. Norton.

In addition to being featured at the Book Fair in London, England and at BookExpo America in New York City, there have been many EBM installations to date with many more planned. In addition to the following locations, current plans include new installations in multiple locations at universities, bookstores and other retailers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

Current locations:
• New Orleans Public Library, New Orleans, LA, USA
• University of Michigan Library, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
• Schuler Books & Music Inc., Grand Rapids, MI, USA
• Northshire Bookstore, Manchester Center, VT, USA
• Boxcar & Caboose Bookshop, Saint Johnsbury, VT, USA
• Brigham Young University Bookstore, Provo, UT, USA
• University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
• Harvard Bookstore, Cambridge, MA, USA
• The University of Arizona Bookstores, Tuscon, AZ, USA
• University of Missouri Bookstore, Columbia, MO, USA
• Village Books, Bellingham, WA, USA
• Third Place Books, Lake Forest Park, WA, USA
• University of Washington Bookstore, Seattle, WA, USA
• Grace Mellman Community Library, Temecula, CA, USA
• Flintridge Bookstore & Coffeehouse, La Caρada Flintridge, CA, USA
• North Dakota State University Bookstore, Fargo, ND, USA
• University of Pittsburgh Hillman Library, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
• North Carolina State University Bookstore, Raleigh, NC, USA
• University of Texas Co-Op Bookstore, Austin, TX, USA
• McNally Jackson Bookstore, New York City, NY, USA

• University of Alberta Bookstore, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
• McMaster University Bookstore, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
• University of Waterloo Bookstore, Ontario, Canada
• University of Toronto Bookstore, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
• McGill University Library, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
• Books Inn Inc., Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada
• Oscar's Art Bookstore, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
• University of Victoria Bookstore, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
• University of Prince Edward Island Bookstore, PEI, Canada

• Newsstand UK, London, England
• Blackwell Bookshop, London, England
• The American Book Center, The Netherlands

• Library of Alexandria, Alexandria, Egypt
• New York University Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

• China Publishing Group, Beijing, China
• Books Sanseido, Tokyo, Japan
• Asian Development Bank Bookstore, Manila, Philippines

• DA Information Services, Melbourne, Australia
• University of Melbourne Bookshop, Melbourne, Australia

Security & Author Royalties
All titles for sale by the EBM network will be delivered in a secure, encrypted format. The network uses industry-standard cryptography that provides secure communication as content travels throughout the network. The EBM’s software assures the security of the titles and automatically tracks all jobs, so as to ensure that authors receive royalties for each book sold.

If you are interested in discussing your work please contact us by e-mail.

If the link does not work, please send e-mail to:

Paul Rabinovitch, Publisher at CCB Publishing, is also available to discuss your work by phone during regular business hours of 9 am to 5 pm (Pacific Time) at (250) 635-0070.

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