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Allen S. Long
Allen S. Long

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Broken: A Novel
by Allen S. Long


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Broken: A Novel

Katie Summers is a fifteen-year-old girl with a bad attitude, which has been brought on mostly by her parents' divorce.

Katie blames her mother for divorcing her father and has decided to become as much of a problem child as possible in order to punish her mother. But when Katie meets a little girl named Emily, things start to turn around for the better. Emily teaches not just Katie, but us all about how precious life is.

About the Author

Allen S. Long lives in his hometown of Graham, Texas, where he writes constantly. He received his diploma in creative writing in 2007 from Stratford Career Institute, and has been writing ever since. He's convinced he was always a writer, he just didn't know it. He enjoys nothing more than creating worlds and characters to entertain all the readers around the world, and sincerely hopes that you enjoy reading his stories every bit as much as he enjoyed writing them.

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Broken: A Novel

Broken: A Novel

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