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Welcome former Airleaf and Bookman
Publishing & Marketing clients

If you were formerly a client with Airleaf Publishing or Bookman Publishing & Marketing, we appreciate your concerns given your unfortunate experiences and understand your need to obtain answers before committing to anything.

Following are a few testimonials from former Airleaf clients to let you know what they experienced when working with CCB Publishing:

Bonnie Kaye
Bonnie Kaye, M.Ed.
Straight/Gay Couples Counselor

Bonnie Kaye, M.Ed. -
My name is Bonnie Kaye, M.Ed. I am the author of five books in the specialty field of straight/gay marriages, an area which I am considered to be a national expert. After I paid to have my fourth book published in 2006 by Airleaf, who turned out to be a predatory publisher, I did a great deal of research before finding a publisher for my fifth book. I looked into over 40 companies and focused in on eight that met all my publishing needs. After narrowing my choices down to three companies, I had an in-depth conversation with all three company owners. I chose to go with CCB Publishing based on the integrity of the owner, Paul Rabinovitch.
Working with CCB is an author's dream. There is constant communication with the company on a daily basis as your book is getting ready for print. If you have a question, you get a timely response. CCB takes the time to go through your manuscript and makes excellent suggestions. My book, How I Made My Husband Gay: Myths About Straight Wives, was ready within 4 weeks--unheard of with any other publishing company.
When I compared prices, CCB is the most reasonable of all for the money you pay. I have recommended many other authors who are currently working with CCB, and they are thrilled. My faith in the publishing world has been restored.
I strongly recommend CCB to any author who is looking for a quality product at a quality price. No company can beat their outstanding personalized service taking away the fears and anxiety of getting a book published.

Viola T. Miller
Viola T. Miller
Poet & Educator

Viola T. Miller
I cannot say enough positive things about Paul Rabinovitch and CCB Publishing. It was a rewarding experience to have my book The Building Blocks to a Strong Marriage published.
When I reflect upon the horrible dishonesty and betrayal I experienced by my previous publisher, I am so grateful that Bonnie Kaye recommended Paul to me. God used him to restore my confidence again. He was patient with my numerous (and I mean numerous) revisions; he assured me that revisions were normal, and that it was his business to see that my satisfaction with the final book was fulfilled. His encouraging me to take as much time as needed to be sure that my book was exactly as I wanted it, meant the world to me.
Paul treated me with respect and honored me as though I was the most important or only author in the world. His professionalism was impeccable, yet he was like a close friend or relative who had my best interest at heart and was dedicated to making my book the best that it could be.
There was an immediate response (within an hour or two) to any communication or feedback from me. At my request, he worked closely with me, offering helpful suggestions on choosing a good title, designing my book cover, and bringing to my attention obvious mistakes I had overlooked.
Paul is a wonderful, caring Publisher. He is what every author is looking for to make his/her publishing dreams come true. God bless you, Paul. May He continue to use you to bless many people. Keep up the good work.

W. E. Gutman
W. E. Gutman
Journalist & Biographer

W. E. Gutman
The publication of my second book with CCB Publishing, Flight from Ein Sof, is ample evidence of the trust I place in the expertise and meticulous care taken to produce consistently fine products and to bring them to market in record time. This testimonial would not be complete without paying homage to Paul Rabinovitch for his courtesy, astute guidance and tireless cooperation. A special thanks to Bonnie Kaye for making all this possible.

W. E. Gutman
Tehachapi, California

George B. Bredsten
George B. Bredsten
Firearms Instructor and Enthusiast

George B. Bredsten
It has been a privilege working with CCB Publishing these past few weeks to publish my first book Handgun Bullet Stopping Power. It is a very professional company with a great deal of talent that made the whole publishing process very easy. Working with myself and my daughter Kelly, Paul Rabinovitch made my dream of publishing this book come true. I cannot thank them enough for their quick responses, wonderful suggestions, impeccable work, creative solutions and total overall execution. Again, I am amazed and very pleased with CCB Publishing. I would recommend their services to any author who wants his/her book published. Lastly, a special thank you must go to Bonnie Kaye for putting me in touch with CCB Publishing and for helping the many Airleaf victims like myself to get back on their feet and get their work published.

Jennifer Seet
Jennifer Seet
Paranormal Mystery Fiction Writer

Jennifer Seet
Working with CCB Publishing to publish my new book Snow Signs has been amazing! Paul Rabinovitch has been great to work with. He is prompt and always returns my e-mails or phone calls. The work has been done professionally and quickly. He has cautioned me to go slowly and make sure it is right---every step of the way. I can't say enough about how nicely I've been treated. As a former Airleaf victim, I’d like to thank Bonnie Kaye for recommending CCB Publishing to me.

Diane Stegman
Diane Stegman
Biographical Humor Fiction Writer

Diane Stegman
After the agony of being victimized by Airleaf Publishing, it has been an incredible experience publishing with CCB Publishing. I’d like to express a special thank you to Bonnie Kaye for the recommendation. With Airleaf, it was impossible to communicate with the staff and obtain answers. In four months, they communicated with me a total of 3 times—first, to ask me for money, second to tell me four months later that I was "right on schedule," and after I received nothing from them, last, to deny my request for a refund.
Contacts to and from CCB Publishing: 78! (That’s seventy-eight folks!) All this communication was done within the time frame of only 46 days! At that point my book, GRILL!, was print ready and up on the CCB Publishing web site. Paul went above and beyond the call of duty. His response time was usually within hours. He put up with my numerous questions and countless revisions. He made me feel that these questions and revisions were an everyday process toward achieving a higher standard for the finished product. I’ve learned so much from working with Paul and have regained the security and faith I had lost from being a victim with Airleaf. I am now looking forward to completing my various unpublished and tucked away manuscripts. My faith has been restored thanks to his professionalism. I can now go about my passion for writing with more confidence.
Thank you, Paul; you are truly a wonderful publisher and sincere human being. You are deserving of all the success this world has to offer.

John R. Krismer
John R. Krismer
Government & Business Consultant

John R. Krismer
Getting my book in print for a reasonable price with integrity doesn’t come close to the outstanding service I experienced in working with Paul Rabinovitch at CCB Publishing. I was an Airleaf victim and following Bonnie Kaye’s advice was the best thing I could have done.
When I recall the dishonesty I experienced with Airleaf and the horrible delays with my book, lasting more than a year, I can only say that Paul is a real breath of fresh air. I needed my book Our Puppet Government out before the 2008 U.S. Presidential election, and this company had my book finished and in my hands in less than 45 days. Proofing, finishing my cover and printing without one problem or delay - and what was so amazing is I never waited a moment for an e-mail response.
I had sought marketing help from Airleaf for my previously published books – only to find I was lied to there also. Although Paul does not propose to market your book, he has proven to be extremely helpful in assisting me with my own marketing efforts to contact radio, TV, and other influential personalities. Thanks to Paul’s support, I have two radio interviews scheduled, with two more reviewing my book, and hopefully more to come. I’m also on all the distributor lists in the U.S. and abroad.
I don’t know what more I could say than I was blessed by taking Bonnie Kaye’s advice, and want to thank both Bonnie and CCB Publishing for their integrity. If every publisher could follow CCB’s performance, there would be few problems with authors ever reaching publication.

Joseph Steven
Joseph Steven
Mystery Detective Fiction Writer

Joseph Steven
It is not often that I write a testimonial, but then again it is not often that I receive the level of professionalism and attention to detail that I received from Paul Rabinovitch and CCB Publishing.
When I finished writing my third novel, Manhattan Serenade, I was in search of a reputable and reliable publisher. My first two publishers, one of which was Airleaf, unfortunately did not rise to that level. Then a friend of mine and fellow author, Bonnie Kaye, enthusiastically recommended her new publisher, CCB Publishing. From the moment I had my first telephone conversation with Paul I knew that Bonnie was right and I had found myself someone I could work with.
During the entire revision period Paul was extremely patient, polite but most of all efficient. The e-mails were answered promptly and all questions answered.
In my opinion, CCB Publishing is one of those unique publishers that really cares about making its authors look good and getting the best product out into the literary market.
To paraphrase the current political adage: I am Joseph Steven and I approve of CCB Publishing.

Sarah Harrison
Sarah Harrison
Sexual Abuse Survivor/Counselor

Sarah Harrison
My name is Sarah Harrison, EDS. Having written my first book, You Love Your Daddy, Don’t You? in 2006, my goal was and still is to assist others who have suffered from child and sexual abuse in their lives.
The first attempt to publish my book with Airleaf was less than encouraging. They lied to me, took over $2,000 of my money and kept my manuscript for almost two years. I felt like giving up and never thought I’d ever see my book in print. However I had many friends and associates encouraging me, wanting to know when they could purchase my book.
This is when my friend, Bonnie Kaye, who has helped other Airleaf victims suggested contacting CCB Publishing. I am so grateful she did because it is like a dream to work with Paul Rabinovitch. He renewed my enthusiasm and made me feel good about my book again. He understood my feelings and even helped me reword some phrases when I asked for his help.
When we converse by email, it never takes him longer than a couple of hours to reply even if it is just to say that he’s received my message and will get back to me in a timely manner.
I signed my contract in mid-February, and now before the end of March it is being printed. I have seen the first copy and am so delighted. It has been a true pleasure to work with Paul. CCB Publishing also allows its authors to have their books listed as “returnable” which encourages bookstores to purchase books. This is definitely an added advantage to us authors. I will recommend CCB Publishing to everyone I know.

R B Conroy
R B Conroy
Western Fiction Writer

R B Conroy
On the rebound from a bad experience with Airleaf, Bonnie Kaye suggested that I give CCB Publishing a look. Somewhat reluctant after being taken by Airleaf, I decided to give CCB a try. Paul soon restored by faith in the publishing industry. They started on my book immediately and never let up; e-mail after e-mail started flowing in. I could feel myself getting excited about my book again. The communication with me was consistent throughout the process, which was so much different from my first experience. My book, Devil Rising, is now in print. Paul worked overtime to get it to me by Christmas. He is very precise and professional and I hope to publish many more books with him. As I told him one day not too long ago; Paul, you are amazing. I only wish everyone could have the pleasure of publishing a book with CCB.

Following is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Q: How quickly can my book be published?
A: Once a duly completed publishing agreement and payment have been received, we will be able to have your book published within 30-60 days. This is a general guideline.

Q: I have printer-ready PDF files. Can you use these to publish my book?
A: Ideally we prefer to work from a double spaced manuscript formatted in Microsoft Word. What may be considered "printer-ready" from one publisher/printer is not always compatible with another publisher/printer.

Q: How often will royalties be paid and sales statements sent out?
A: CCB Publishing will remit payments in U.S. Dollars (USD) to authors on a quarterly basis (4 times a year) along with a report of sales as they occurred. Presently CCB Publishing receives compensation for sales through its distribution channels with a three (3) month delay from the time the sales actually occurred.

Q: How much will it cost?
A: The basic cost to publish your book is $750.00 USD. If you wish to have the book listed as "returnable", which will encourage bookstores to purchase your book, then an additional $100.00 USD is payable on an annual basis.

Q: Can I have my book published as an e-book? If yes, at what cost?
A: Yes, to make your book available as an e-book, the one time fee for this service is $250.00 USD.

Q: What services do you provide?
A: - 20 FREE books
     - Formatting/layout of manuscript
     - Cover design
     - Table of Contents (if required)
     - FREE ISBN number and barcode
     - FREE listing with online retailers including Amazon,,,,,,, etc.
     - FREE listing with Books in Print and Global Books in Print (used by bookstores,
     libraries, universities, etc. to research acquisitions)
     - FREE placement on our web site
     - FREE Media Kit
     - FREE listing with internet search engines
     - FREE listing with Amazon’s Search Inside the Book program
     - FREE listing with Google's Book Partner program

Q: Where will people be able to purchase my book?
A: Books will be available to over 25,000 bookstores as well as online retailers including Amazon,,,,,, and many others.

Q: Do you publish both soft and hard cover books? If yes, what trim sizes?
A: Yes, books can be published in either soft or hard cover with trim sizes of 5.5" x 8.5", 6" x 9" and 7" x 10".

Q: How much will it cost to print my book?
A: The print cost will depend on the number of pages and cover. For example, a 200-page soft cover book will cost $3.90 USD to print while a 200-page hard cover book will cost $9.00 USD.

Q: My book has over 300 pages, is that okay?
A: Page count range: soft cover = 48-828 pages; hard cover = 108-828 pages.

Q: I have quotes by another author in my book. Is that okay?
A: Each author must ensure for their own copyright liability that any quotes from sources such as books, magazines, newspapers, etc. have been verified and permission received from the publisher to reproduce the quote within their own work.

Q: Can I have color photos in my book?
A: Soft cover books with trim sizes of 8.5" x 8.5" or 8.5" x 11" can be published with full color interiors but the cost of printing is much higher. Please contact us to discuss this further.

Q: Can I have photos in my book?
A: Yes. All images will be converted to black and white. Please note: If images are not of author's own creation, then the author must ensure for their own copyright liability that any images utilized within the book's interior or as part of its cover have been verified and permission received from the artist or company to reproduce the image within their own work. All images must be supplied as JPEG graphic files at 300 DPI (dots per inch).

Q: How much will it cost to purchase books for myself or to send as review copies?
A: A nominal fee of only $2.00 USD per book is added to the print cost. Author must pay cost of shipping. All book orders must be prepaid.

Q: Still have more questions?
A: Click here for Information for Authors or Contact Us

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