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Sioux Dallas
Sioux Dallas
Biographical Romance
Fiction Writer
and Horse Trainer

Books by Sioux Dallas

First Experience
A Beginner's Guide to Owning and Caring for Horses

by Sioux Dallas

Foreword by Major General William S. Biddle


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First Experience: A Beginner's Guide to Owning and Caring for Horses

First Experience is not a complete book on how to ride, but it is designed to help the beginner choose the best horse for their own use and to select the proper stable for the animal. Animals have feelings just as people do, and because people are supposed to have a better brain, we need to be caring and concerned about the animal. They will serve one faithfully and with unconditional love if they are loved and cared for properly.

About the Author

Sioux Dallas has loved horses all of her life ever since her father put her in front of him on a horse when she was six months old. However she wasn’t financially able to own one until she had finished college and started working. Her first horse was the great-grandson of Man O’War. Dallas had taken lessons in licensed establishments, and one of her jumping instructors had ridden with the Queen’s Guards in England. She learned well and began giving lessons to beginners. Dallas was also a charter member in the Riding for the Handicapped School and used her horses free of charge to work with the blind and mentally challenged. She was horrified to learn that supposedly intelligent people knew nothing about matching a horse with the ability of the rider. She felt that the many books on horses were excellent, but not for people who had never owned a horse. She decided to share her knowledge and experience to help others and, hopefully, prevent injury to person and abuse to animals.

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