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Christopher A. Berg

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Nearly 3 years have passed since Christopher Alexander Berg released his award winning book, Psalms of the Pharaoh. A book that some believe can never be topped. The emotion, intensity and delivery of content made “Psalms” a true masterpiece in the eyes of many. So then came the question. “Can Berg do it again?”

Well, without any hesitation, YES! XXX is a work of absolute genius. The words are powerful, magnetic and very well placed. Each poem has a life of its own, making this a very hard book to put down. Each sentence is systematically crafted to run circles around your brain.

XXX will leave your mind in a hundred different places all at the same time. You will be speechless, shocked, breathless and even in fear once your eyes run across some of the things written in this book.

This is a true eye opener that really leaves one to wonder if a human being actually even wrote this. In Psalms of the Pharaoh, Berg gave you a piece of his heart. In XXX, Berg gives you a piece of everything!

It’s dark, extreme and beyond anything you have ever seen. All in all this book can be summed up in one word… outstanding!

About the Author

Christopher Alexander Berg began writing in his early teens, mainly as a form of self therapy. Through time, his writing became much more than a psychiatric reflection of one’s self, and more of a life support system whenever he felt suicidal. Trading blood for ink, his war began... a personal war that targeted the world and everybody in it. It has been said that Berg “bleeds through his pen,” but let’s not forget how much he writes from his heart. Sometimes prophetic, sometimes sadistic... Berg indeed proves there’s a fine line between genius and insanity... but where Berg is on this line, no one really knows.

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