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Lisa-Ann Carey
Lisa-Ann Carey
Romance Fiction Writer

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Angelic Beauty
A Fiery French Romance

by Lisa-Ann Carey


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Angelic Beauty: A Fiery French Romance

Eighteen-year-old French girl Angea-Lea Siffleur fresh out of school meets thirty-year-old Australian Veterinarian Malachi Castle with golden hair and eyes of beaten bronze. Angea-Lea has golden hair and grape green eyes with a face like Audrey Hepburn. Malachi has something no other man has ever possessed. Angea-Lea is no ordinary young lady. During a love-making session the seed of life is sown. Will her stern father have his way and blow their relationship apart? Can a wealthy admirer from her childhood days steal her heart or does Malachi’s special gift keep her satisfied between the sheets for the rest of her life?

Read about the naughties she has in the beds of five of Switzerland’s best bachelor babes after her studies at Ticino’s Floral Artistry School where her father sends her to try to separate her from the one she loves the most. Someone carries her off into the Swiss wilderness and forces his love on her then she is saved by another. Two of the most adorable orphans and an angel baby come into their lives and their lives are richer.


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A Sexy Snippet from Angelic Beauty

In a swift second she had crawled on to his lap like an excited toddler, she could feel a slimy substance ooozzz through her lacy panties onto his covered crotch. He gently tugged on her plump little earlobes then sucked on them, Antaeus snoozing loudly in the corner, Malachi’s hornbag and cocky plumpin’ up somethin’ shockin’. Pretty soon she was doin’ a spready-legged handstand with her palms gripping his upper thigh fronts as his bulky body sat bolt upright on the firm couch, her pleated skirt bunching to her babe-shaped waist, his eyes of fire poppin’ at her steamy plump puddin’ behind her see-through knickys, her perspiring flaps bulging either side of her gooey gusset he smooched sloppily, awakening her Pa from his powerful dream of clit-lickin’ and flap-fondlin’ nudies and rudies all his own. The nudies – the chicks, the rudies – the chappy ol’ chaps at the bi-sissy bar.

Reviews & Awards

Lisa-Ann Carey has won first prize of $1,500 in the Ponder Prose competition for Romance Number Four: Carey’s Classics Angelic Beauty.

Lisa-Ann Carey has won first prize of $1,000 in the Books Ablaze Romance Writer’s competition for Carey’s Classics Angelic Beauty Romance Number Four.

Lisa-Ann Carey’s Angelic Beauty has won Book Of The Year in the Luscious Love Stories competition for most outstanding literature about love.

Carey’s Classics Angelic Beauty is a seductive, arousing and tantalizing love story filled with fabulous ways to tease and inspire your sex life.
- Dean Smart, Architect

Carey’s Classics Angelic Beauty is a real nipple teaser making my nipples twinge with excitement.
- Tracy Patrick, Nurse

Carey’s Classics Angelic Beauty is an extra special treat after a romantic meal.
- Emma Frost, Chef

About the Author

Lisa-Ann Carey, author of part one of medical romance trilogy Retrospect, part two Lap of Luxury, part three Some Sleep to Remember, Some Sleep to Forget and Romance Number Four Angelic Beauty. She has accumulated countless fascinating experiences, settings, friends and acquaintances to formulate an extensive treasure trove of wonderful keepsakes to draw from in designing her romances.

Lisa-Ann Carey of Carey’s Classics Books of Australia began writing her first series in 1998 on the shelly shores of Lamb Island in peaceful Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia and has begun numerous other romances available in the not too distant future.

Rams and Ewes spice up your dreamy love lives with a collection of my dirty-sweet romances set on luscious Lamb Island and proudly brought to you by the slipperiest sexpert in Australia, the explosive Carey’s Classics fictional storyteller Lisa-Ann Carey. Explore my cute collection of classic love stories between kissing and caressing the one you just cannot bear to be without, then gently ease back into a reflection of my raunchy read until you climax the night away. Carey’s Classics novels of great colour will colour your life!

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Angelic Beauty
A Fiery French Romance

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