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Sioux Dallas
Sioux Dallas
Biographical Romance
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by Sioux Dallas


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Liisa is a young artist, orphaned at a young age. A family friend took her and raised her with their own children. She visits her fatherís hometown in Drammen, Norway and returns to Waterbury, Connecticut with amnesia. She begins to get threatening phone calls and death threats. Her employer, a dear old family friend, is killed and her foster father and foster brother are shot. The messages only tell her that if she tells what she knows she and her friends will suffer. What does she know? Why is it anything she would want to talk about? Can the mystery be solved and her memory restored before something disastrous happens to Liisa?

About the Author

Sioux Dallas, a widow, is a retired high school coach and classroom teacher as well as a retired horse trainer and riding instructor. Her columns on sporting events and training horse and rider appeared for thirty-two years in five newspapers around Washington, D.C. and later in Zephyrhills, Florida. She took journalism classes in college and is a member of a writing group in Zephyrhills. She has played many musical instruments but has had more pleasure in playing the bagpipes. She taught square dancing on horseback (the horses did the dancing) and was a water aerobics instructor for a nationally known gym. Dallasí love of church and Bible study helps her to research many interesting people. Her love of music and her deep faith have carried her through life.

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