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Galen Winter
Galen Winter
Sports & Recreation Fiction
Short Story Writer

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A Compendium of Lore and Lies (Mostly Lies)
Concerning Hunting, Fishing and the Out of Doors

by Galen Winter


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Backlash: A Compendium of Lore and Lies (Mostly Lies) Concerning Hunting, Fishing and the Out of Doors

BACKLASH is a collection of 35 hunting and fishing stories originally appearing on the back pages of outdoor sports magazines. The book is an essential addition to the library of all hunters and fishermen who have developed the ability to read. It explains to duck hunters how they can convince a skeptical wife to pluck ducks. Upland bird hunters will learn how to dispose of the bodies of dead woodcock and the sportsman’s program for resolving the Near East Israel - Palestinian crisis has already been forwarded to the State Department (and completely disregarded). A clear, no-nonsense explanation of how to pick mushrooms is provided at no extra cost.

The BACKLASH collection has been designed to make the outdoorsman smile and the politically correct frown. It has received appropriate recognition from recognized literary masters.

“The BACKLASH tales are classics. They will command a place in outdoor literature for weeks.”
- William Shakespeare

“All of these stories have been stolen from THE COMPLEAT ANGLER. You will hear from my attorneys in the morning.”
- Isaak Walton

“BACKLASH is entirely responsible for the degree of interest I have in hunting and fishing.”
- Oscar Wilde

About the Author

An attorney, Galen Winter lived in Latin America and, for fifteen years, specialized in international law. He became a corporation counsel in Milwaukee, then in Chicago and, finally, engaged in the private practice of law in northern Wisconsin where, he says, “A man can associate with dogs and shotguns without arousing too much suspicion.”

Winter began writing about his passions - hunting and fishing - in 1981, contributing many articles to several national and regional outdoor magazines. He compiled a wild game cookbook, and wrote two novels. BACKLASH is one of his six volumes of outdoor humor.

Winter has hunted and fished all over the western hemisphere - in arctic islands north of Canada’s Nunavut Territory, in the Amazon basin, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua, the Argentine Patagonia, Uruguay and various places within the United States where game birds are found.

Jessine, his wife of over fifty years, has put up with him through it all. They live in Shawano, Wisconsin.

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