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Galen Winter
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The Journals of Major Peabody
A Portfolio of Deceptions, Improbable Stories and
Commentaries about Upland Game Birds, Waterfowl,
Dogs and Popular Delusions

by Galen Winter


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The Journals of Major Peabody: A Portfolio of Deceptions, Improbable Stories and Commentaries about Upland Game Birds, Waterfowl, Dogs and Popular Delusions

Major Nathaniel Peabody, USA (ret.) first saw the light of day in December of 1987 in Volume 1, Issue 1 of the Shooting Sportsman magazine. Since that date, he has lived on the back page of every issue of that magazine.

Peabody is a consummate waterfowl and upland bird hunter. Excepting those times when his profligacy assumes more than usual proportions, a well-endowed Spendthrift Trust allows him to hunt wherever he wants and whenever he wants. He has left his boot prints from southern Argentina to northern Canada – wherever geese or grouse or ducks or woodcock can be found.

Dogs display a sincere affection for him. His shotguns have no time to collect dust. He is not infected with the disease of politically correct posturing. Gun Controllers and Pseudo-Environmentalists don’t like him.

This is the third volume of Major Peabody’s shotgunning tales.


On Lawyers: Attorneys are constantly planning to bamboozle judges, mislead juries, outwit tax collectors and starve widows and orphans through manipulation of spendthrift trust provisions.

On Dogs: You must excuse a dog’s shortcomings. After all, he’s only human.

On Psychiatrists: Psychiatrists have insisted personal responsibility no longer exists. The ax murderer who attempts to solve the world’s over-population problem in his own special way, is not responsible for his acts. Blame should be assigned to someone else - usually the killer’s parents who may have forced him into potty training at too early an age.

On Recombinant Genetics: Perhaps scientists can steal a dog’s DNA, inject it into me and endow me with the animal’s ability to smell. I don’t mean the ability to smell like a dog after it has rolled on a dead fish. I mean its ability to use its nose.

On The Grand Scheme of Things: Is there life before death?

About the Author

Galen Winter lived in Latin America, traveling extensively while negotiating and managing contracts with Latin governments and companies. He returned to the United States as a corporation attorney in Milwaukee and in Chicago. Later, he opened a law office in northern Wisconsin where, he writes, “Man can associate with dogs and shotguns without arousing too much suspicion.” After moving to Wisconsin, Winter gave up private work but became the Consultant in International Affairs for Federacion Internationale des Quiellers which took him from England to Calgary to Taiwan to southern Argentina and points in between.

Winter has contributed hundreds of columns to several national and regional outdoor magazines. He has compiled a fish and wild game cookbook 500 Fish and Game Recipes (now in its fifth printing), written six volumes of short stories, and published two novels.

Winter also found time to engage in his passion for hunting and fishing - preoccupations that have taken him from north of the Arctic Circle in Canada’s Northwest Territories to Brazil’s Amazon basin, Argentina’s Patagonia, the waters off Ecuador, Costa Rica and Cuba, and many other places where fish and game occur.

Winter holds a Political Science, a Masters in International Business Administration and a Doctor Juris degree.

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