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Sioux Dallas
Sioux Dallas
Biographical Romance
Fiction Writer

Books by Sioux Dallas

Dangerous Hilarity:
The Great Adventures of the Jackson Twins,
Their Family and the Dogs in Their Lives,
A Novel for Teens and Young Adults
and All Those Who are Young at Heart

by Sioux Dallas


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Dangerous Hilarity

Dangerous Hilarity came about because identical twin boys were playful and mischievous. One of them thought it was funny to play practical jokes and once almost lost his own life due to one of his jokes.
Follow the Jackson family as they travel across the United States from Virginia to Alaska. It would be fun to get a map and follow their journey. The three years they spent in Alaska were adventurous and entertaining.
It is heartwarming to grow with them and discover how they matured and learned to care for others and for animals as well.

About the Author

Sioux Dallas, a widow and a retired public school teacher, has had many animals. She has had cats, dogs, horses, goats, gerbils, snakes and fish.
All of her dogs were rescued as were the cats. She trained her dogs to be good guard dogs without being vicious. One horse was dear to her heart and she grieved when he died. He was a rescued horse, as were a majority of hers. She raised, trained the horses and gave riding lessons. She gave free lessons to the blind and mentally challenged. Dallas is active in her church and has been a Bible teacher for many years.
Now, in a wheelchair, she writes books and loves to share with people about her experiences. Her graduate studies were in Guidance and Psychology, so she’s a good listener and is happy to know she has helped someone.

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