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Vi Brown, B.A.
Realtor® and Broker

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Kelly Orr, LL.B.

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Robert Hughes
Home Inspector

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Josée Lalonde
Home Stager

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The Real Estate Process
Pros Discuss Buying & Selling Your Home

by Vi Brown, B.A., Kelly Orr, LL.B., Robert Hughes, and Josée Lalonde


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Table of Contents




Required Documentation When Buying or Selling

Your REALTOR® - for Buyer - Vi Brown
Your REALTOR’S® Experience

Buying a Home
The Beginning
Consumer Concerns
The ‘Door Opener’
Meeting with the REALTOR®
Making Appointments for Showings
The Offer
Setting up Appointment to Present Offer
Presenting Offer
Accepted Offer
Removing Subjects/Conditions
Processing Paperwork

More about Financing Options - Vi Brown
Obtaining Financing
Some Mortgage Terms
Mortgage Options
Mortgage Approval in Writing
Closing Costs
Other Costs

Your Home Inspector - Robert Hughes
Your Home Inspector’s Background
Why Do I Need a Home Inspection?
A Home Inspection Should NOT be Considered an Insurance Policy
Major and Minor Issues
What Does a Home Inspector Really Do?
Generalist vs. Specialist
Maintain vs. Replace
What a Home Inspector Can’t Do!
Why Didn’t the Inspector See It?
Some Problems Can Only be Discovered by Living in a House
The Inspector and the REALTOR®
The Inspector and the Buyer
The Inspector and the Owner
Home Inspection Myths and Misconceptions
The Walk Through

Your Lawyer - for Buyer - Kelly Orr
Your Lawyer’s Experience
You Have Accepted Offer
Charges on Title - Removable
Charges on Title – Not Removable
Assessing and Understanding Your Other Conditions
Binding Contract of Purchase and Sale
The Legal Process
Your Appointment with Me
Insurance Binder
Filing Documents and Completion
After Completion

Your REALTOR® - for Seller - Vi Brown
For Sale by Owner (FSBO)
Contacting Your REALTOR®
CMA - Comparative Market Analysis
Preparing for the Listing Appointment
The Appointment
Measuring Home
Concluding Listing Appointment

Examining Some Real Estate Traditions - Vi Brown
Open House
The Office Tour

Your Home Stager - Josée Lalonde
A Little about Me
Home Staging
Hiring a Professional Home Stager
The Staging Process: From Consultation to Open House!
Degrees of Home Staging
Other Services
Time and Money

Your Lawyer - for Seller - Kelly Orr
You Have Accepted Offer
Establishing Contact
Charges on Title - Removable
The Legal Process
Receipt and Payout of Funds
Document Package
Post Completion Matters

Appendix A

A Final Word

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The Real Estate Process
Pros Discuss Buying & Selling Your Home

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