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Galen Winter
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The Aegis Conspiracy: A Novel
by Galen Winter


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The Aegis Conspiracy: A Novel

THE AEGIS CONSPIRACY is a fictional account of a covert organization hidden within the Central Intelligence Agency. The cabal is composed of men who are convinced the policy precluding assassinations exposes the nation to grave peril.
Ignoring established directives, these men quietly plan and cause the deaths of those they deem to represent a clear and present danger to the Republic.
Clandestine Service Agent Den Clark joins with the conspirators but he becomes a threat to them. He is pursued by faceless enemies, intent upon his murder.
THE AEGIS CONSPIRACY is a demonstration of Lord Acton’s epigram - Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

About the Author

Galen Winter lived in Latin America, traveling extensively while negotiating and managing contracts with Latin governments and companies. He returned to the United States as a corporation attorney in Milwaukee and in Chicago. Later, he opened a law office in northern Wisconsin where, he writes, “man can associate with dogs and shotguns without arousing too much suspicion.”
Winter has contributed hundreds of columns to several national and regional outdoor magazines. He has compiled a fish and wild game cookbook, written five volumes of short stories and published two novels.
Winter also found time to engage is his passion for hunting and fishing - preoccupations that have taken him from north of the Arctic Circle in Canada’s Northwest Territories to Brazil’s Amazon basin, Argentina’s Patagonia, the waters off Ecuador, Costa Rica and Cuba and many other places where fish and game occur.
Winter holds a Political Science, a Masters in International Business Administration and a Doctor Juris degree.

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