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Sioux Dallas
Sioux Dallas
Biographical Romance
Fiction Writer

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The Perfect Spouse: A Novel
by Sioux Dallas


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The Perfect Spouse: A Novel

Can anyone identify a perfect spouse? Is there such a person? You'll know the truth after you read The Perfect Spouse.
Jason is the protagonist of the story, but the book is primarily about The Perfect Spouse and their plans for other people. Jason didnít want a lot of fanfare for his second wedding because he had a wonderful marriage previously, but he wanted his new wife Siobhan to have a memorable wedding day. Why was so much attention given to him? Thatís called writerís license. Is there such a thing as a perfect spouse? You tell me.

About the Author

Sioux Dallas started creating stories when she heard a great-uncle telling original stories that made him famous. She began writing hers down in the third grade. By the seventh grade teachers were encouraging her to do something with her work. Teaching at school, taking care of a family, raising and training horses, giving riding lessons, her music, and working in the church all took time. Dallas started taking her writing more seriously and undertook the necessary steps to have it published after she retired and was a widow. The Perfect Spouse is her fifth published book, and she is currently working on three others.

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