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Lisa-Ann Carey
Lisa-Ann Carey
Romance Fiction Writer

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Lap of Luxury
An Illustrated Medical Romance Trilogy Part Two

by Lisa-Ann Carey


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Lap of Luxury

There is trouble on the horizon in Lap of Luxury when a couple of troublemakers show up on the doorstep of the Wrights’ nest of rest and difficult days roll around. They play a mean game of tug-of-war between the two doctors refusing to stop until paralysation stops one and a lengthy prison sentence stops the other but to every evil deed there is a caring deed and the doctors build their patients a peaceful haven in the style of a lighthouse they name Lap of Luxury on Windrush Island not far from Lamb Island giving them an abundant life.


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A Sexy Snippet from Lap of Luxury

Probably only one of a series of short performances in this variety program, her mind ticked over, as the unfinished play developed before her eyes, leaving her paralysed.
The sunlight cheerily two-stepped over John’s trunk, his head, his limbs…and his finest as his cheeky swimming togs slipped down to his ankles, then thrown casually over the boat rail to sundry any wet patches that may be garnishing the frontlet.
As their bodies rhythmically moved, her lightly tanned skin captured the lustre of the sun’s rays as if it were decorating her flesh profusely with lights as a sign of festivity. Ann-Marie could only imagine what it felt like for her, then she watched them roll over, now she was on top of him, whispering sweet somethings in his ears, he giggled, then a subdued continuous swishing sound as of a stream trickled from her pouting lips.

Major Characters

Dr John Wright
Dr John Wright

Dr Lisa-Ann Wright
Dr Lisa-Ann Wright

Reviews & Awards

Lisa-Ann Carey has won first prize of $1,500 in the Ponder Prose competition for part two of her medical romance trilogy Lap of Luxury.

Lisa-Ann Carey has won first prize of $1,000 in the Books Ablaze Romance Writer’s competition for Carey’s Classics Lap of Luxury.

Lisa-Ann Carey’s Lap of Luxury has won Book Of The Year in the Luscious Love Stories competition for most outstanding literature about love.

Carey’s Classics part two Lap of Luxury along with Retrospect are two books I keep in my sex toy box that goes under my bed. Lap of Luxury is one big sexy surprise story.
- Dr. Linda Nash, Medico

Carey’s Classics part two Lap of Luxury taught me more than just the boring missionary position. It made me feel horny from the first page to the last.
- Mary Knight, Housewife

Carey’s Classics part two Lap of Luxury gave my perfect partner strength of desire giving us fast, rough romps of romance.
- Wendy Mecca, Dressmaker

About the Author

Lisa-Ann Carey, author of an illustrated medical romance trilogy. She has accumulated countless fascinating experiences, settings, friends and acquaintances to formulate an extensive treasure trove of wonderful keepsakes to draw from in designing her romances.

Lisa-Ann Carey of Carey’s Classics Books Australia began writing her first series in 1998 on the shelly shores of Lamb Island in peaceful Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia and has begun numerous other romances available in the not too distant future.

Rams and Ewes spice up your dreamy love lives with a collection of my dirty-sweet romances set on luscious Lamb Island and proudly brought to you by the slipperiest sexpert in Australia, the explosive Carey’s Classics fictional storyteller Lisa-Ann Carey. Explore the trilogy – Retrospect, Lap of Luxury and Some Sleep to Remember Some Sleep to Forget between kissing and caressing the one you just cannot bear to be without, then gently ease back into a reflection of my raunchy read until you climax the night away.

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Lap of Luxury
An Illustrated Medical Romance Trilogy Part Two

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