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Viola T. Miller
Viola T. Miller
Poet & Educator

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The Building Blocks to a Strong Marriage
A Marriage Manual in Poetry

by Viola T. Miller


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Table of Contents


Part One: The Nature of Marriage
The Origin of Marriage
Threefold Cord
The Concept of Marriage
The Honor of Marriage

Part Two: Preparation for Marriage
Am I Prepared Mentally?
Am I Insecure?
Am I Ready for Marriage?
Will Envy Hinder Me As A Spouse?
Am I Selfish?

Part Three: Choosing the Right Mate
Your Dream Mate
Donít Be Anxious
Examine Your Prospectís Views
Taking an Honest Look
Abuse Check
Is This the Right Choice?
Premarital Counseling
What Every Woman Needs in a Husband
What Every Man Needs in a Wife

Part Four: The Beauty of Marriage
The Beauty of the Marriage Vows
The Beauty of the Honeymoon
Why the Honeymoon Ends
How to Preserve the Honeymoon

Part Five: Bonding with Each Other
Marriage Is Much More Than...
Adjustments to Each Other
Donít Try to Change Your Mate
Leaving and Cleaving
Excluding In-Laws
Beware of Deception
The Shock of Reality
Disagreements Arenít the End

Part Six: The Sanctity of Vows
The Seriousness of Adultery
Whatís Behind Flirting?
Adultery is Folly
Cast Down Imaginations
Jealousy Can Be Acceptable
Overcoming Temptation
Working Through a Fall
Unfaithfulness Revealed
Coping with Unfaithfulness

Part Seven: Establishing a Strong Marriage
Marriage Can Be Wonderful
Commitment Is Paramount
Get to Know Your Mate
Prayer Is Essential
Wisdom Is the Key
Crucial Principles
Protecting the Relationship
Financial Security
Keep Romance Alive
The Need for Nurturing
Take Time for Each Other
Identifying Needs
Sex and Spirituality
Is My Marriage Divorce Proof?
Watch Your Words
Understanding Submission
Confronting Problems

Part Eight: The Power of Love
Loveís Character
The Humility of Love
How a Spouse Communicates Love
Loveís Behavior
Tough Love
Loveís Forbidden List

Part Nine: Examine Yourself as a Spouse
What Kind of Mate Are You?
Do I Communicate Well?
Do I Nag?
Am I Mean?
Am I Proud?
Am I Truthful?
Am I Committed?

Part Ten: Conflict Resolutions
Attitude for Resolutions
Somethingís Wrong
Hidden Offenses
Satan Is to Blame
Eating Your Words
Resolving Conflicts

Part Eleven: For Men Only (Help for Understanding Your Wife)
Value Your Wife
Your Image as a Husband
Wives Have Special Needs
Free Your Wife
From a Wifeís Perspective
Different Construction
The Threat of Loneliness
Overcoming Myths

Part Twelve: For Men Only (Listen to Your Wife)
Listen and Learn
She Feels Neglected
Why She Has No Interest
Help Her Not to Freeze
Identifying What She Likes

Part Thirteen: For Women Only (Help for Understanding Your Husband)
Your Image as a Wife
Stop Complaining
Cut the Chatter
Be Informed About Men
Understanding Men
Communication Relieves Frustration

Part Fourteen: For Women Only (Listen to Your Husband)
Give Him Some Space
Are You the Cause?
Listen More, Talk Less
What I Like About You

Part Fifteen: Hindrances to a Strong Marriage
Pursuit of Wealth Instead of God
Strife Destroys
Controlling Anger
Fear Weakens Relationships
Plea Against Stubbornness
Unforgiveness Blocks
Unwise Phrases

Part Sixteen: Abuse Revealed
Recognizing Abuse
Am I Abusive?
Submission Myths
Coping with Low Self-Esteem

Part Seventeen: Dealing with Unsaved Spouses
Place No One Above God
Being an Effective Witness
Bridging the Gap

Part Eighteen: Recognizing Different Seasons in Life
Recognizing the Fear of Aging
Changes Will Come
Coping with Menopause (Husbands)
Coping with Mid-Life Crisis (Wives)
Senior Glow
Maintaining Loving Focus

Part Nineteen: Is There Hope for a Failed Marriage?
Failed Expectations
Itís Not Too Late
Overcoming Boredom

Part Twenty: Overcoming Defeat
Prayer of Desperation
Struggles with Defeat
The Last Straw
Be Encouraged
Decide to be Happy
Salvation Commitment

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