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Howard Gordon

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Be Not Thy Father's Son
by Howard Gordon


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Be Not Thy Father's Son

Trace the exciting adventures of Mark Engler as he takes you on an historic adventure that spans both the ages and all four corners of the Earth.

In the traditions of James Michener and Edgar Rice Burroughs, Howard Gordon neatly combines history, psychology, sex, adventure and intrigue into one delightful saga that promises to become one of the masterpieces of great world literature for all time.

About the Author

Howard Gordon, born and raised in Ohio, has attended Ohio University and Ohio State University. He obtained a masterís degree in the field of social work from Case Western Reserve University and has worked in a varied number of capacities within the field for over forty years. Be Not Thy Fatherís Son was written over a five-year period and stresses that we must be our own person in a growing bureaucratic network that is destructive to individuality. Howard has also recently completed his second novel entitled Cry Heaven, Cry Hell which raises the question of how far do we go, as a society, in forgiving evil works when they are followed by good works and constructive behavior. He is currently working on his third novel.

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