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William W. Ward, Ph.D.
William W. Ward, Ph.D.
Satirist and
Biochemistry Professor

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Hey Doc! Does Speling Count?
A Satire About the Decline of
Higher Education in America

by William W. Ward, Ph.D.


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Table of Contents



Section I: Pre-College Knowledge
Chapter 1: Hector's Hints on Picking a Real Good College
Chapter 2: Private vs. Public - So Many Choices
Chapter 3: Hector's Basic Training (You Gotta Start Early)

Section II: So You've Chosen State U., My Alma Mater
Chapter 4: Hector's History of State U.
Chapter 5: Endless Adjustments

Section III: Off to a Real Good Start
Chapter 6: Choosing a Computer
Chapter 7: Hector's Hints to Get in Real Good with Your Professors
Chapter 8: Modular Answers to Test Questions
Chapter 9: Beating the M/C System
Chapter 10: Origin of the Grading Curve
Chapter 11: The University Presidents' Standard Grading Curve

SECTION IV: Your Later College Years
Chapter 12: How to Do Real Good Lab Reports for Your TA
Chapter 13: Doing Graphs in College
Chapter 14: Hector's Advice for Pre-Med Students
Chapter 15: The Effortless Honors Project
Chapter 16: Choosing A Major
Chapter 17: Hector's Graduation Tips

Section V: They Put Me on the State U. Board? I Can't Believe It!
Chapter 18: Heads Up on the Administration
Chapter 19: The University as a Tax-Supported Minor League for the NFL and NBA
Chapter 20: State U. Incorporated
Chapter 21: How Universities Govern Themselves



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Hey Doc! Does Speling Count?
A Satire About the Decline of
Higher Education in America

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