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Timothy Neal Sorsdahl
Biblical Scholar, Civil Engineer, Artist, Inventor

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Yasha Ahayah Bible Scriptures Aleph Tav (YASAT) Study Bible
by Timothy Neal Sorsdahl

©2018 (2nd Updated Edition)

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Yasha Ahayah Bible Scriptures Aleph Tav (YASAT) Study Bible

The Yasha Ahayah Bible Scriptures Aleph Tav (YASAT) coming out of Babylon is an English version following the Antioch (Protestant) WORD of the 1769 King James Bible (KJV), the Textus Receptus, Peshitta and the Jewish Aleppo Codex. This scripture restores the NAME of the Messiah Yasha taken from the Oldest Greek NT, the Codex Sinaticus uses the "nomina sacra" (Iota Sigma), which is YASHA in ancient Paleo Hebrew. Twenty-one other Alexandrian Papyrus parchment fragments from 300AD or before also confirm this. This scripture research uses both Antioch (Protestant/Jewish) TEXT "WORD" and Alexandrian (Catholic) "NAME" line for the Messiah.

In medieval times the Jews who rejected the Messiah called His name Yeshu harasha or Yeshu rasha with Yeshu being an acronym for the formula "may his name and memory be obliterated" (see Toledot Yeshu). This is very close to Yasha which means Saviour in Hebrew. Here for the very first time is a literal translation of the scriptures with the sacred name of Ahayah and Yasha, restored and preserved. Did you know in every Bible translation including the KJV that our Heavenly Father's personal name Ahayah has been taken out and replaced with titles and even names of pagan deities more than 10,000 times? The YASAT is designed for those looking to read the word as it was meant to be, by coming out of Babylon which worshipped foreign Gods. Giving glory to Ahayah and Yasha and not pagan gods, like Lord, God, Elohim, EL, Jehovah and Jesus to name a few. This scripture also replaces "Law" with "Torah Law," as the law was given to Moses on the temple mount and many confuse the LAW with the pagan laws found in society.

At the time of this second publishing, I have restored the Paleo Hebrew pictographic names. I have restored the Aleph Tav in the Torah and part of the Tanakh. The Messiah calls himself the Aleph and Tav in Revelation 1:8 in the Messianic Peshitta and it's restored here. I have also restored the original Mark of the Beast as found in Revelation 13:18. Ahlahayam is now used instead of the pagan Elohim or Ishi-ohim, Adana is used instead of Adonai (Adonis). Ah-Yasha is used instead of Ishi Hosea 2:16 which was taken straight from Paleo Hebrew and is another solid example of how the Father has the SAME NAME as the Son "YASHA" fulfilling John 5:43. Many common terms used in most Bibles today have pagan origins, so I have done research into cleaner terms to use and have documented them at the back of this book as well as on my website under "PAGAN TERMS" to help fulfill Exodus 23:13.

About the Author

Timothy Sorsdahl's background is a civil engineer, artist and inventor. Eight years ago he became interested in finding the truth to the trinity, and he couldn't find it in the Scriptures. But he found the echad, in Paleo Hebrew is the Ahcad which is united oneness, Deuteronomy 6:4 and it is restored here. Trinity was invented by a man named Tertullian who wrote Liber De Palio and so there is no life from following it. From there he did research looking for His Holy Name. Timothy thought it was Yahweh (YHWH), but Exodus 3:14 clearly shows in Hebrew that His Holy Name is Ahayah (AHYH). The YASAT is designed for those looking to read the word as it was meant to be. Giving glory to Ahayah and not pagan gods. So he felt called to make a version of the Scriptures that has Ahayah the Father, Yasha the Son, Yashayah (Our Saviour), who both share the SAME NAME "HAYAH" fulfilling John 5:43. The YASAT Study Bible helps to open a door into the Messianic roots of the faith and the cleaner Scriptures will help in prayer and getting saved. Both the Father and Son say you need to know and call out their proper names Acts 4:12, Romans 10:9 and Romans 10:13.

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Yasha Ahayah Bible Scriptures Aleph Tav (YASAT) Study Bible (2nd Edition 2018)

Yasha Ahayah Bible Scriptures Aleph Tav (YASAT) Study Bible (2nd Edition 2018)

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