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Jack Pransky
Jack Pransky
Sociologist & Consultant

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Seduced by Consciousness
A Life with The Three Principles

by Jack Pransky


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Seduced by Consciousness: A Life with The Three Principles

In Seduced by Consciousness author Dr. Jack Pransky demonstrates through entertaining stories how the Three Principles of Universal Mind, Consciousness and Thought work together to create everyone's unique "reality," out of which they then think, feel and act. Defying description, this captivating, profound book has been depicted as part self-help manual, part spiritual autobiography, in which the author uses his own life experiences and those of his clients in a revealing, raw and honest manner to contrast the difference between the peace, love, joy and wisdom that occur when these Principles are realized in one's life, and the suffering that occurs when this understanding remains unrealized or forgotten. The question is asked: Will we be trapped in the illusions of our own creation, or will we fall back into our true spiritual nature and essence? This book creates a special opportunity for readers to have insights that reveal the answer, and this will change lives.

Reader Reviews

Jack Pransky’s new book, Seduced by Consciousness, defies description! Part personal memoir, it reveals his life and experiences and those of his friends, relatives and clients in such a revealing, raw and honest manner, it brought me to tears! Although I worked with Sydney Banks for many years in the early ‘70’s, I have never heard or read of anyone who understands the Three Principles in a more clear, direct and helpful manner. What I loved most about Seduced by Consciousness is that in the different aspects of consciousness the author always connects these events to the ultimate reality of our inner selves, making it, in a way, a book on the spiritual life. The book made me think about the events of my own life in all kinds of crazy and new ways, after reading Jack’s insights and experiences. I learned more about myself from this book than anything I’ve read in years. Jack’s writing ‘seduces’ us into wandering down a trail beside him until we realize, “It’s ME he’s talking about!” I know I will be reading this powerful book again and again.
-Linda Quiring, author, Island of Knowledge and Beyond Beliefs

What struck me most when reading Jack’s book was what a gifted storyteller he is. I got lost in it at times. I loved it! Jack brings us along with him as he goes through his own life challenges and adventures as well as those of his clients. He gives us a window into what it means to have the backdrop of living life with an increased humility and understanding, which Jack has spent numerous years exploring and sharing with others. I came away grateful that Jack stumbled into this learning. Not just for himself but for all those he has impacted along the way.
-Terry Rubenstein, author, Exquisite Mind

As difficult as it is to put form around the formless, Dr. Jack Pransky has done this masterfully once again in Seduced by Consciousness. I have used his books in my classes for over 20 years because his writing engages students on a deep and authentic level, touching their hearts and heads. In this book, Jack is willing to reveal himself in a very personal manner. Speaking straight from his heart, and using his personal experiences, he makes himself vulnerable to all as he shares intimate details of his own struggles in life. He articulates a deep understanding of the Three Principles in common, understandable language that feels like a friend talking to us, using words that awaken something inside us that we recognize as truth. Reading it I came away feeling the freedom that we are, truly radiant, resilient beings, blessed by the gift of the Three Principles.
-Diane P. McMillen, Ph.D., co-author, “Exploring the Nature of True Resilience” in The Strengths Perspective in Social Work Practice

Jack Pransky owes me! I missed my stop because of his new book, not once, but twice! I was so engrossed in the stories that I totally lost a track of time and ended up with a fine as a result. Was it worth it? Hell yes. Jack’s book totally blew me away as he took me on a journey as a human being… being human, of how easy it is to forget the illusion we’re creating and what lies on the other side when we remember. I absolutely adored it!
-Damian Mark Smyth, author, Do Nothing! and The Entrepreneur Success Formula

Seduced by Consciousness is a tour de force. Easing the way for others facing their own seductive pitfalls, Jack bares his soul through intimate stories and personal insights. We can each be hoodwinked by life’s illusions, and now we have a logical explanation of why and how it occurs, thanks to the Principles Jack explains. We’ll have a different world—a more peaceful, understanding, and compassionate one—if enough people grasp what is contained in this book. I recommend it to everyone who will read it to the end.
-Lori Carpenos, author, It’s an Inside-Out World

In Seduced by Consciousness, Jack Pransky makes himself an open book, sharing private moments and personal stories that demand from the reader an open mind and an open heart — and fortunately, the author is the perfect role model. Be prepared to be inspired by Jack’s vulnerability and self-awareness, which make his insights into the Principles even more beautiful.
-Mary Schiller, author, The Joy Formula; Mind Yoga; and A-ha! How to Solve Any Problem in Record Time

Jack is masterful at drawing out the wisdom inside each person—no Mr. FixIt lurking in these sessions! I felt as if I was in the room hearing these encounters between Jack and his clients. Jack understands that listening deeply is key, both to his client’s inner guidance and his own, and this leads him to ask the “just right” questions: no script necessary, no “correct” 3P vocabulary, just incredible trust that Mind will provide the way. It is easy to see that Jack is in the moment with his clients and he models how change can happen in the very ordinariness of everyday situations. Jack follows exactly what Sydney Banks taught: “Begin the process of nourishing the soul by living in the now.”
-Barb Aust, author, The Essential Curriculum

Jack has a unique and powerful way of taking a life changing understanding and making it accessible to the reader. He is a master of using real life examples, beautiful metaphors and the clarity of his own embodiment to create a literary masterpiece that can stir the heart and enliven the soul of the readers.
-Rudi Kennard, Three Principles Movies

In this captivating book, Jack shares his understanding of the depth and richness contained within the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought. Jack uses stories to consistently point us toward how we all create our own inner stories, and then toward the illusory nature of these thought-created stories, and then to the fundamental spiritual facts that always underlie these stories. The honesty with which Jack shares his own life, blind spots and all, will encourage you to take an honest look at your own life. Jack’s vision is of a wholistic spirituality which embraces the total human, from the personal to the universal. Read this book and prepare yourself for insights!
-Dicken Bettinger, Ed.D., co-author, Coming Home

I love this book! It’s not often that a book is as profound and also as thoroughly entertaining as this one. Jack’s use of personal and client stories is wonderful. By seeing how we are all seduced by our own thinking, you find yourself with more compassion for yourself and others. You will not see yourself or your life the same after this book. I highly recommend it!
-Amy Johnson, Ph.D., author, The Little Book of Big Change

Seduced by Consciousness is a nakedly honest accounting of a life spent living and teaching the Three Principles. Part self-help manual, part spiritual autobiography, Jack Pransky shares stories from a lifetime of experience that will entertain and enlighten anyone in search of a deeper understanding of what life is and how it unfolds.
-Michael Neill, international bestselling author, The Inside-Out Revolution and The Space Within

About the Author

Jack Pransky, Ph.D. is founder/director of the Center for Inside-Out Understanding. He authored numerous books on the Three Principles, including Somebody Should Have Told Us!, widely recognized as one of its best introductory books. Pransky worked in the field of prevention since 1968 and now is an international consultant in the Three Principles, a trainer of trainers, coach of coaches and counselor of counselors. His book, Modello: A Story of Hope for the Inner City and Beyond received the Martin Luther King Storyteller's Award for the book best exemplifying King's vision of "the beloved community."

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