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R B Conroy
R B Conroy
Contemporary & Western
Fiction Writer

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Trouble in Paradise
by R B Conroy


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Trouble in Paradise

Once a young girl of much promise, thirty-something, Ali Brenneman, now finds herself broke, divorced, and looking for love. After a chance meeting with banking mogul, John Cullen, at a popular night spot in The Villages, Florida, her fortunes change. The sparks begin to fly almost immediately between the beautiful and well-spoken Ali and the fifty-five-year-old Cullen. With a sprawling home in The Villages and a fat bank account, Cullen is positioned to give Ali all the finer things in life. Unfortunately, local auto mechanic, Lex Higgins, Ali's ex, has different plans for Ali. Drug addicted and still very much in love with her, Higgins feels very threatened by the powerful Cullen. The resulting love triangle takes the reader on a riveting journey into the sensuous dreams of a beautiful young woman, the upper echelons of Villages society, the dark world of meth trafficking, and the violent fantasies of a very troubled young man.

About the Author

In novel number seven and the third in his "Paradise Series," R B Conroy once again returns to the enchanting environs of The Villages, Florida. With a creative blending of life in The Villages with the blue collar community that surrounds The Villages, R B creates an exciting story of love and retribution. The resulting clash of societies brings the reader face-to-face with many of the problems facing society today, including: divorce, drug addiction, violence, and infidelity. With a common thread of the inherent goodness running throughout the story, this novel offers up hope in the face of despair.
R B's novels can be found on all of the's, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble. They are also available on Kindle, Nook, and most e-books.

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Trouble in Paradise

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