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George Delmarmo
George Delmarmo
Retired Accountant & Attorney

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Dear Dad
by George Delmarmo


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Dear Dad

This story is about me. In my golden years, I learned about a child I never knew I had. The child was not the result of a torrid, passionate, love affair. I never knew what had happened or that anything did happen. Some fifty years after the event was the first time I even realized that something did happen.
The event affected many people's lives in ways that seem bizarre at best. Living through the events was more unbelievable, but after the deed was done, the question of what to do about it became paramount. The question of what I should do to save my reputation compared to what is legal and not legal got all mixed up. What effect it had on me has to be measured next to the effects it had on others. Like a pebble that is dropped in a pool of water, no one knows for sure where the ripples will spread or what will happen when they mix with other events. The cause and effect of one deed has (in this case) created problems in my lifetime and will also cause problems in other people's lives for generations to come. There just is no end to the mischief one misguided event will have.
In my case I saw the effects on three generations of my family, and I cannot even guess what future effects it will have. After reading the book, contact me and let me hear what you would have done differently.

About the Author

George Delmarmo is a retired accountant and attorney living in Brick, New Jersey. He has traveled extensively while representing an international list of clientele. His experiences varied to all types of assignments that required his special mixture of talents. He started writing to fill the void in his life created by his retirement. He has written a series of books, which are a reflection of his travels and experiences. He is a member of the New Jersey as well as the New York bars and is a licensed accountant in the State of New Jersey.

Memoirs of a Retired Modern Day Mercenary, George. George is a retired mercenary who at the end of his career started writing his memoirs.

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Dear Dad

Worldwide release: April 2015

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