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George Delmarmo
George Delmarmo
Retired Accountant & Attorney

Books by George Delmarmo

A Heart Never Heals
by George Delmarmo


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A Heart Never Heals

A Heart Never Heals is the story of a girl George sees in a vision. She appeared to George while in Italy working on a case. She was walking out of the Mediterranean Sea. The vision is so vivid that he visits the Vatican to confer with a Cardinal seeking an explanation of what he saw. The Cardinal advises George to start from the very beginning of the events of what brought him to that spot at that time. George relates the details of his journey. When George returns home he finishes the case before he starts on his maddening quest to find his vision.

About the Author

George Delmarmo is a retired accountant and attorney living in Brick, New Jersey. He has traveled extensively while representing an international list of clientele. His experiences varied to all types of assignments that required his special mixture of talents. He started writing to fill the void in his life created by his retirement. He has written a series of books, which are a reflection of his travels and experiences. He is a member of the New Jersey as well as the New York bars and is a licensed accountant in the State of New Jersey.

Memoirs of a Retired Modern Day Mercenary, George. George is a retired mercenary who at the end of his career started writing his memoirs.

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A Heart Never Heals

Worldwide release: September 2014

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