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Christopher Alexander Berg
Christopher A. Berg

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White Slavery
by Christopher Alexander Berg


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White Slavery

"If there are things in here that people may find offensive... don't blame me... blame that in which you've allowed to be created around you. I am just a reflection."

What started off as "just another poetry book" ended up becoming much, much more. Christopher Alexander Berg's latest work, White Slavery, is a creation that comes along maybe once every generation. The words in this book surpass art, emotion and even wisdom. When describing this book, all one can say is... blessing. This work, this writer and his sacrifice have made this book a true blessing for us all. Inspired by the cries of a nation from the mouths of the voiceless... Berg has put together what's sure to be an instant classic.

"I didn't want to write just another poetry book. I wanted to do more and show more with the words this time. I experimented with different types of writing styles and formats in order to push myself to the next level. We are living in dangerous times and in order to reach as many people as I could, I knew I had to expand and not just write for those who are awake... but for those who are asleep as well."

White Slavery punches holes into modern man's way of thinking and exposes the lies we've all been forced to believe. If the truth does indeed hurt... then get ready to have your heart broken and your mind blown away. Welcome to the way things are. Welcome to your chains.

About the Author

Christopher Alexander Berg began writing in his early teens, mainly as a form of self therapy. Through time, his writing became much more than a psychiatric reflection of one’s self, and more of a life support system whenever he felt suicidal. Trading blood for ink, his war began... a personal war that targeted the world and everybody in it. It has been said that Berg “bleeds through his pen,” but let’s not forget how much he writes from his heart. Sometimes prophetic, sometimes sadistic... Berg indeed proves there’s a fine line between genius and insanity... but where Berg is on this line, no one really knows.

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White Slavery

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