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Jack Engelhard
Jack Engelhard

International Bestselling Novelist
Jack Engelhard
Author of Indecent Proposal

The Days of the Bitter End
Recaptures the 1960s as no other historical novel

by Jack Engelhard

Published under CCB Publishing's literary imprint
DayRay Literary Press

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The Days of the Bitter End

Jack Engelhard's The Days of the Bitter End may well be the definitive word on the 1960s. This is a landmark book, masterfully evocative. Engelhard once again proves himself to be a truly great novelist in this beautifully crafted historical novel that recaptures an era that has left an indelible mark on our culture to this day. Read it and laugh, read it and weep, because it's all here, the way it was back then, the age of innocence soon to be shattered, but then reborn. This is what it was like to be young, every moment an adventure. Brilliant.

Praise received for The Days of the Bitter End

"It’s all here...masterfully written by one of the greatest novelists of our Age. Engelhard puts the reader right in the center of the action...of the story...of the times. You will come away from this page-turner immersed not only in the Village scene, but especially in the background and events of the last day of the “Kennedy Years,” a time when all of us privileged to be young were immersed in a New Spirit, a spirit we could all join in regardless of our politics. Engelhard brings to bear his journalistic talents as well as matchless storytelling ability to make those days of never to be seen again excitement come alive once more."
- John W. Cassell, author of Crossroads: 1969

"What a great story. If you missed the 60s – if you missed the excitement, the passion, the radicalism, the thrills, the hopes and dreams – this book brings it all alive. I could not put it down."
- Kmgroup review

"Another significant accomplishment from this versatile writer, and it resonates with the sort of dialogue and imagery that not only rings with credibility, but instantly evokes a ‘you are there’ feeling for the reader. An eye-popping cast of real-life characters mingle with Engelhard’s well-crafted and multi-dimensional fictional ones, and one can’t help but envision this being played out on the big screen."
- Nancy Sundstrom, Northern Express

"Engelhard’s writing is superb, and he offers up a slice of 1960s life that is vibrant and moving. The story is skillfully crafted, quite witty and intriguing. The biggest lesson I found myself taking away from this book was that an era and the tragedy that defines that era can carry resounding effects for decades to come."
- Carie Morrison,

About the Author

Contemporaries have hailed novelist Jack Engelhard as “the last Hemingway” and of being “a writer without peer and the conscience of us all.” The New York Times commended the economy of his prose... “precise, almost clinical language.” His bestselling novel Indecent Proposal made him internationally famous as the foremost chronicler of moral dilemmas and of topics dealing with temptation. Works that followed won him an even greater following, such as Escape From Mount Moriah, his book of memoirs that won awards for writing and for film. His latest novel Compulsive draws us into the mind of a compulsive gambler in a work stunningly brilliant and original, and seductively readable. Engelhard writes a weekly column for The Washington Times.

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