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Sioux Dallas
Sioux Dallas
Biographical Romance
Fiction Writer
and Horse Trainer

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A Detective's Heart: A Novel
by Sioux Dallas


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A Detective's Heart: A Novel

Even at the height of his popularity, Sherlock Holmes couldn’t solve the exciting cases of the Lost Cause Detective Agency more intelligently. Hannah Rutherford, owner and Senior Investigator, and her staff, Victoria Stallard and Herbert Muller, many times facing threats to their own lives, bring about conclusions that will have the reader on the edge of their seat and admiring them. Eye witnesses to murder and a conversation between strangers about a fantasy murder lead to someone fearing for their own life. Also a horror in the detective agency has the entire county up-in-arms. Can these horrors be solved? Can you read this book by yourself at night?

About the Author

In addition to teaching school, raising, training, showing horses and giving lessons, working in her church, volunteering in the community, keeping house and taking care of her family, Sioux Dallas trained to be a detective. She has always had a desire to know about what was involved. Dallas will be the first one to admit she is far from perfect, but she does love writing these books now that she is unable to participate in the activities she loved so much. After she retired from teaching, she trained to be an aerobics instructor and worked for a well-known gym for eight years. Now in a wheelchair, she rolls joyfully through life and writes about real happenings with fictional people.

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