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Binduu Chopra
Binduu Chopra
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A Quest...Beyond the Visible
by Binduu Chopra


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A Quest...Beyond the Visible

The book is about the oneness between a Guru and the Student in Pursuit of self; a quest beyond the visible until the fire within is ignited, the soul of the student is empowered enough to be alive to life.

Here the Guru says that “A Guru is only a leading light. With the very presence of a Guru you will find darkness fading away around you. But the moment you are away from him, your surroundings will get dark... Instead, when you have a Guru close by, try and ignite the light (fire) within you so that you can be lead by your own light from within... Gurus can help you only thus far!!! It is all up to the concerned person to ignite and keep the fire going within you. The ignited light being in the Shishya (Student) itself is a present to the Guru.”

The book is all about finding the Ignition Key to the true self within.

About the Author

Binduu has always had the desire to grow better, though she knew that she was unique in her own way. Besides keeping a neat cozy home, her interest and hobbies include, Reiki & Feng Shui. She has green fingers. Her love for nature speaks through the pictures that she captures. The only thing she can’t let go of is her brushes – actually floral’s in watercolors! She loves shells, candles, stones and woods that include trees, creating & designing small artifacts to recycle wood.

Having taught children at school for over eight years, she felt the need for her own personal expansion and she accepted this change. Binduu had the desire to feel whole and complete. Allowing her to respect her abilities, she opened herself to acceptance and became more aware of her whole self.

She was born in India - a country of vibrant colors, traditions, festivals and cultures, different languages, religions, faiths and beliefs. A birth place of great saints and followers, kings and Kingdoms, the sacred Ganges River flowing through the breathtaking Himalayas. Binduu too found herself a Mentor, Thomas Elias Paarel and today she calls him her ‘Sculptor’. Binduu brought out some of her learning’s in the form of a book A Quest…Beyond the Visible. She talks about the oneness between a Guru and the Student (herself) in pursuit of self; her quest beyond the visible until the fire within was ignited, her soul is ablaze and empowered enough to be Alive to life. Her mentor describes her as “being absolutely creative in an emotion, with passion in it...”

And while you read, Binduu continues to write her next book that you will find on the shelves soon. This does not mean that she only writes, she smiles, laughs and loves. When she loves; she forgives. When she forgives; the love within her grows. Binduu has been lucky to understand life and to evolve. She writes with a hope that her faith will provide answers to unanswered questions in many minds.

Binduu’s challenge is to continue with her research in the path, to understand the wholeness within her own self.

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